Friday, May 14, 2010


While in Emergency, I was told that I needed to give a urine sample, like i had to pee in a cup. The nurse led me, dressed in my spandex bike shorts and tank top to the washroom. I had warm hospital sheets wrapped around me, but once the door was closed, i had to set them on the counter in order not to pee on them. I very tenderly and carefully lowered myself down on the seat. I awkwardly placed the collection container between my legs and hoped for the best. I was in too much pain to bend over, so when I stood up and looked down at the sweaty spandex shorts pooled around my ankles, I almost cried! Seriously?! How the hell was I gonna pull up that sweaty mess with my left hand when I couldn't even bend over??? I dont know how, but i managed, thank god. Imagine how uncomfortable Marty would have been had i needed to summon him to hold the pee collection cup while i peed and to pull up my bike shorts? The best thing about Marty, though, is that he would have done it and he wouldn't have made me feel stupid! I am lucky!

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