Friday, May 14, 2010

My bike bucked me off!
My brother-in law, who built my bike tells me, he builds them all with a touch of orniry and now I believe it!
I got bucked off right over the handle bars into the trees! I was riding with a woman's group and there were three riders behind me. Between the other riders and the nurse and her husband who came on the scene, they got me stabilized, called Marty and walked me and my bike out of the bush to a parking lot. Marty loaded me and my bike into his van and drove me to emergency. In the hospital, we learned I had broken my collar bone and possibly my scapula. I was sent home with a sling, some pain killers and the number of a bone specialist with instructions to call him in the morning.

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Nicole said...

We missed you in denver johny :(. We will have to reschedule a new official sister-weekend.... Hope you heal up quickly!