Tuesday, May 4, 2010


A complete stranger scolded me this morning! Here I was feeling pretty good about myself as I managed to get myself up out of bed good and early, despite the howling wind and threat of snow, to take Scout for a walk. She was particularily "regular" this morning, pooping three times over the course of our 45 minute walk. The third time, I carried the poop bag for almost 10 minutes before I came across the garbage can at the bus stop. There was a man waiting in the bus stop shelter and after I dropped my bag of poop into the trash can he scolded me! He points to the sign on the trash canister, the one that says "for transit users only," and tells me that the garbage can is for people who are waiting for the bus, not for dog shit! I was dumbfounded. I couldnt' even think of anything witty to say. I simply opened the lid, and said, "hmm, looks like it is full of dog poop," then I walked away. I wish I would have taken my doggy bag out of the garbage and set it on the ground or asked him to hold it, but I didn't.
Obviously he is not a dog owner! Yeesh!

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