Monday, January 24, 2011


I bought a pair of one hundred dollar socks today. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but not as ridiculous as it will sound when I tell you that I also bought a one hundred and fifty dollar pair of socks. Are you keeping track? I spent 250 dollars on two pairs of socks today!! Don't worry my benefits will cover the cost. These are prescription compression socks. My doctor wanted me to have them for my flight to Quebec next week. I had to go to a "Home Health Supply" store to find them. I had no idea what the process of getting socks like these would involve. Apparently you are supposed to make an appointment to get "fitted" for the socks before just showing up. Lucky for me, the ladies working there were super nice, they took me into the "fitting room" on the spot.
They asked me to take off my own socks and pants so they could measure me, fit me for the compression socks. There was a sarong tossed over the back of a chair that they wanted me to put on after I had removed my pants, but neither one of them made any attempt to leave the room. I was a little embarrassed, as I had not counted on having to strip half my clothing off. How ironic that this morning, I made a mental note to throw these panties out after today as they had a large hole in the crotch....great!
I pulled the sarong around me and sat in the chair while one of the ladies measured my leg in three places. After confirming the measurements a couple of times, she pulled two boxes off the shelf. One pair of knee highs and one pair of thigh highs. It became clear that she was going to put these socks on for me. Interesting, I can't remember the last time I had someone put socks on for me, talk about awkward. My foot was up on her lap, sock in her hand and then, she pulled on the rubber gloves! At first I thought, "okay, I guess, if I had to touch people's feet all day, maybe I'd wear gloves too, but rubber gloves?" Upon closer examination, I realized these were not the dish washing kind of rubber gloves, but a special, "sock putting on" kind of rubber gloves. Carefully and with the technique of someone who has done this more than once, she pulled the sock up to my knee on my left leg and then using the same technique, with the thigh high, she pulled it up, all the way up my left leg.
The socks were snug, but comfortable. I decided that since my prescription was good for 2 pairs, I'd take one each of the knee high and thigh high pairs. I left the store with two pairs of socks, my own special rubber gloves and 250 dollars poorer (here's hoping Great West Life covers both pairs!)

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I went to do a little "trimming" before my shower this evening and for the first time all pregnancy, I couldn't see it, I couldn't see anything lower than my belly button! I had heard this would happen, I just didn't believe it! How weird! I still turned on the clippers and tried to "tidy up" by, what is this all gonna look like by the time minime is born??? Remind me to make a point of making sure there is no birth mirror! I do not want to see my baby come out of the jungle! LOL!!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Scout stinks! She really, really stinks. I guess it's cause we are not the kind of people who bath her weekly, or even monthly...Scout is a "tom boy" she plays hard and does disgusting boy stuff, like eat horse poop and roll in dead carcasses. She goes to "the farm" with me a few days a week, so I see no point in bathing her all the time. I guess I never really notice her stench, but Marty does. He complains that he can't stand to pet her because it makes his hands smell. He'd bath her all the time if it was up to him. I hate the idea of bathing her in the house, in the tub I use to get clean in. At mom's, we just bath our pets OUTSIDE with a hose and that is what I prefer. It is winter here, and we don't have outside hot water like mom, so our options are limited. Marty discovered a place just a few minutes from our house that is a car wash and dog wash! Today, New Years Day, we took Scout for a New Years bath.
The place scared her, once we finally got her to go up the ramp, she sat in the tub, shaking and shaking, looking pathetic.

The sink, very scary.........

The Yellow Aprons that are provided to keep humans dry.

Getting soaped up. Scout is miserable....

For a dollar you can rent a towel, and keep your own for human hair only!!!

Yep, that is all the hair that came off Scout....the best part is that we got to leave it all there in someone else's tub!!!