Monday, July 23, 2012

Wedneday, July 18th, Ryder and I flew to Kelowna to visit Marty’s Dad and Trish.  We were excited to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa and to soak up the always promised sunshine in the Okanagon!  We were not disspointed!! We spent 5 days filled with family bonding and bright sunshine! 
Marty, his cousin, Alexis and her family joined us in Kelowna, Friday. The weekend was spent chasing after kids in the pool and on the beach, eating great food, laughing and making memories!
 In the mornings, Ryder and I would take Angel, Gramma's dog for a walk...kind of! LOL

 Grampa got Ryder a hard hat. They wore it at breakfast! :)

 Lots of Gramma cuddles!
 There is a beach access near Gramma and Grampa's house. Grampa took us there!

 Angel came too! Since we had flown out to see them, Scout did not get to come.

 Dad arrived Friday.

 Saturday, we swam at the pool!
 ..and we went to the splash park!

....and the beach!
Saturday adventures ended with a group tubby time!! Lots of bubbles, thanks, Gramma!!
I know I look naked, but I DO have my swim suit on!
 Sunday, Alexis had to take her family home...
...but not until we had shared lots and lots of cuddles!!
In the afternoon we got to go for a ride on Grampa's boat!!

Thanks to Marty's family, for a weekend of adventures!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings, and get on a boat if you get the chance today!

Saturday, July 14, 2012


2012 was the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede. The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.  There is one day left and I am "stamped out..." in a good way. :)  
We had lots of company both 2 and four legged, we ate lots of pancakes, drank lots of Bacardi, ate lots of deep fried goodness, pet lots of cows, dressed lots in our boots and hats and shared lots of "yee haws" with our friends!!  

Our first stampede Event: Bowness Pancake Breakfast!! Yummmy!!

Best to eat pancakes topless....this kind of breakfast is messy!!
Our second Stampede event, was the "Round Up Party." We saw 54/40, The Mat Good Band and The Hip.  

 Ofcorse someone was handing out stick on mustaches! LOL

 My third Stampede Event, was the Garth Brooks concert!! OMG! Best Concert, I have EVER, EVER seen!!!!! One of my besties managed to get 6 tickets online before they sold out (in 58 seconds!)
 Trisha Yearwood came and sang for us too!! OMG!!

 What made the Garth Concert sooo awesome for me, was how genuine he was. How surprised he genuinely seemed, that the whole place could sing every word to every song! No one sat down for the whole concert!!!
 Friday, we headed to the Grounds as a family.  Ofcorse I dressed Ryder in full cowboy gear! I had soo much fun watching him "work" the crowds of people whose smiles were widened by the sight of an adorable, pint sized cowboy!!

 Deep Fried Snickers Bar! Ummm, yummm...ok, this did end with explosive diahreah, but it was worth it...really, it was!!

Since I am the one who has to change diapers, this lil cowboy did NOT eat deep fried anything.
He got milk and cookies...but he loved 'em!

 Pettin' the cows with Auntie!

 There was a booth called "Ponypet" These were stuffed horses on rollerblad wheels that moved when the riders bounced up and down! They were sooo cute..almost as cute as Ryder! LOL

 Nic and I rockin' out c'boy hats!

Checkin' out the livestock...

 I love my lil cowboy!!

 Cowboy Wrights!!

Ryder and Daddy watchin the zipliners!

Snack break!

Third big Stampede Event: Dancin' up a storm in the "Cowboys Tent."

Nope, none of our Stampede events included the rodeo or the chucks, but there is sooo much more to Stampede than those..oh and we couldn't get tickets. We did not anticipate them selling out.  Every other year, we've gone, but this is the 100th year, sooooo there were ALOT of people who had planned ahead and had gotten tickets before us!!  Didn't matter, though, cause we got out fill of the party that is Stampede!!

Thanks to everyone who celebrated our cities biggest party with us!!!  To all of our out of town relatives, if you ever, ever wanna come check out the Stampede, you are more than welcome to stay with us. We will show you a great time, we promise!!
Yeeee Hawwwww!!!!