Friday, July 16, 2010


So this tiny beach on the south east edge of Naxos Island is incredible! I wish I could write more and post pics, but because it is remote here the internet is painfully slow. I only wish to write a quick commentary on the sewer system is ancient!!! The pipes are not wide enough for the toilet paper to be flushed. It is not this way only on Naxos, but in all of Greece. The expectation is that you will put your "shit tickets" as Marty calls them, into little garbage cans with lids placed near the toilet. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO REMEMBER THIS???? After 34 years of flushing my TP down the toilet, it has become an ingrained habit!! I sit down every time, repeating to myself, "paper in garbage, paper in garbage," but then my mind will wonder to the fly on the window sill, the wind howling, the fun in the sun I will have when I am done doing my "business" and before you know it, I am turning around to push the little flusher button eyeing with horror my TP swirling and struggling to fit down the drain! Ahhhhh! I keep expecting the whole toilet to plug and the WC (I am assuming this stands for water closet) to become flooded with sewage, evidence that I am culturally stupid!! So far though, I simply hang my head in shame while leaving the Water Closet, hoping that next time I will remember! Marty has told me to pull the garbage right over and put it between my legs while I pee, but I have to admit, even though I've done that a couple of times, habits run deep!!!!!
At least I don't have to worry that throwing the TP in a garbage will become a habit I'd have to break once back in Canada! Ewwwwwwwwwwwww!

Monday, July 12, 2010


The Bride and Groom, waiting for the rice rain!!!

I was so excited that we actually got to throw rice, since we can't do that at home!!!


The Groomsmen: Marty, Mike (groom), Jasper and Sean

Stine and her Father, entering the church

Exchanging of the rings. The whole ceremony was in Danish!
Marty and I
Awwwww! LOve!


Us at the airport in Calgary. Thanks, Maria for the ride!

In Toronto, at the airport, Marty discovered a Bacardi Rum Bar!

Me with my first latte in days! The only Starbucks in Copenhagen is in the airport, so I had to find a new place to get my caffein fix!!!

Marty and I, our first day in Copenhagen, on the walking streets.

We hooked up with the parents of the groom (we are here for a wedding) who took all the Canadians who had come for the wedding out to dinner.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So, we leave for our 2 week vacation in 12 hours. It is 11pm and I am just about ready for bed. I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off preparing to leave tomorrow. I have made arrangements for my dog and horse to be looked after. I have borrowed, used and returned a lawn mower. I have packed, unpacked and repacked a backpack, making sure it is a weight my recovering broken collar bone can handle. I have loaded my ipod with hours worth of music. I have done load after load of laundry and I have so far, tossed Marty, 3 beers. That's right, I have tossed my relaxing husband, who is currently lounging downstairs, taking in a movie on his new 50inch TV, three beers! Now, I am not saying he has not pulled his weight in the trip preparation realm, because he definately has! What amazes me, is that, 12 hours before we leave, he has laundry in the dryer, nothing in a suitcase, a looming early morning and he is relaxed as can be in his new "man cave!" Must be nice to be a man!!!! Wish I could relax like that!

Monday, July 5, 2010


Poor Scout. She is lost! We have been in our new house for 5 days now and Scout still has not really figured out where the hell she is! Here I thought she'd be so excited to have a whole yard, a big yard all to herself. I thought she'd play and play and run and be free and happy. I thought she'd love having a bigger house, with more places for her to hang out, but we have both learned that size really doesn't matter!!
Scout only really likes to be in the yard, if we are out there with her. Inside the house, she only wants to be right under our feet. To her, all that matters is being wherever we are! We could live in a cardboard box and Scout would be happy as long as Marty and I were there with her.
Wow, seems like we could all learn a little something from dogs eh?

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Not quite the mountains, but a river is nice....
The name of the game is run away from Duke before he shakes!!!
The Marty's undies......but shhhhhhhhh!
The most adorable dog ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cousin, Duke!
Hiking China Man's Peak was what we woke up planning to do with Nic and Troy today, but it was never meant to be!
Marty and I have been on a whirl wind of non stop craziness with the ending of school and moving to the North West all in the last 5 days. We have been cleaning, packing, unpacking, picking up furniture, lifting, carrying, recycling and hosting BBQs (for our awesome helpers) since Wednesday. Nic and Troy, were excited to come celebrate our new home with us so they came to visit lasntight. We went to bed, planning to get up and take our dogs on a hike in Canmore. I woke up early, threw the tunes on really loud to wake everyone up and the four of us scurried around, preparing for our day....okay, three of us scurried. Marty layed in bed. He always does that. Me, I hate the idea that people might have to wait for me to be ready, so I always make a point of getting up earlier or being super organized, not Marty. He is ALWAYS the last to be ready for anything, to top it off, once he finally did get up, we couldn't find his hiking shoes. They were still packed in a box somewhere in the garage. He and I tore through several boxes until he finally located them. During our little shoe panic, Troy discovered that he had not packed any undies at all. He apparently had arrived at our home "commando" lastnight and had not thought about the need for gaunch on the hike. Lucky for him, Marty had a pair, that he swore he had never worn, that he leant to Troy. The boxers were a little big, but Troy agreed they were better than nothing. While Marty calmly ate his bowl of Mini Wheats, and Troy secured his "parts," Nic and I headed out to pull the stow and go seats out of the floor of the van. Eventually the four of us were comfortable seated in the van with the two excited dogs breathing heavily in the back. THe closer we got to the mountain, the bigger the black cloud looming over us got. The darker the sky got, the more we assessed our clothing. In all the confusion, Marty had forgotten to pack anything long sleeved. Nic and I were wearing tank tops with light hoodies, only Troy seemed prepared for crummy weather. Half way to Canmore we decided that the hike just wouldn't be fun at all if we were all wet and cold, so we turned around and headed back to Calgary. Marty and I knew a spot by the river where we could walk the dogs and at least have a visit. As we piled out of the van near the river, I went to put on my hiking boots and.....ooops, I had forgotten them at home!!!!
I knew Nic was particularily dissapointed that the hiking didn't happen, but damn, it would have been one difficult hike for me in flip flops!!!!!!!!!!!