Monday, May 24, 2010


I guess it hasn't even been 2 weeks since I got injured (though it feels a lot longer). Until just now when I counted the days, I didn't even know how many, but I could have told you:

-I have used one whole roll of toilet paper in the bathroom upstairs (Marty had to open the new roll on day 2, I just tore the plastic off the 2nd roll by myself yesterday)

-I hav gone through three pans of home made energy bars (2 different girlfriends came over and made me a batch and just this morning Marty, under my supervision, made the third batch.

-I have washed my sling once (though I am sure it needs it more)

-I have only had my armpits shaved once, I've been able to shower on my own lately, but I still can't reach that armpit, ewwwwww!!

-I have read 4 gossip magazines and seen numerous re runs of "The Real Housewives" shows.

-I've been to see the horses once (that was overdoing it)

-I majorly re injured myself once, while attempting to put on a hoodie by myself.

-I've had to cut off 2 shirts (the first was the one I was wearing at the time of accident, the second, was one I managed to wiggle into, but COULD NOT get out of!)

-I've recieved one boquet of flowers, 3 books, a huge box of jelly bellies, some home made baking, a 4 pack of coolers, several notes, cards and laughs.

-I've been to the doc's three times- once the night of accident = Emergency, once to a walk in clinic for a note allowing me to stay home from work and once to the Bone Specialist where I learned that in addition to my broken collar bone, I have cracked my scapula in 2 places.

-I've been to the dog park only twice!

-I've sat in the sun on my driveway in a lawn chair twice

-I've been to one photography class, but I can't lift my camera high enough to take any pictures!

-I've been bored EVERY DAY!!!

I am thankful that this is only temporary and I am trying to keep positive. Tomorrow, i will attempt to go to work. I am anxious about it, but want to try and see if I can handle it! Wish me luck!

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Nicole said...

Good luck jeanney! i know it's hard for you to sit still, but it will be worth it to be back in the saddle :) love ya!