Sunday, June 24, 2012


Went camping over the weekend. We went with some friends from our Birth and Babies class.  This was our second camping adventure with this same family and we have yet to have a perfectly sunny weekend.  The constant threat of rain and the looming clouds did not stop us from making happy

 memories!  This video showcases one of those memories! Between the two campsites, there was this giant puddle. All weekend we'd done a great job of keeping the kids out of it, until Saturday night. We were cooking dinner and hanging out at Ally and Adil's campsite. Ofcorse we made several trips back and forth AROUND this puddle grabbing things from our site and carrying them to theirs. On one of my trips to our trailer, I didn't realize Ryder was following me. No one else realized it either, until I came out of our trailer just intime to see Ryder wading into the puddle in his shoes!  Ofcorse we all thought it was pretty funny! We took several pictures, then someone (an adult ofcorse) said how funny it would be if he just kept going through the puddle until he fell. This idea (after a few beers) seemed hilarious to us and before Ryder knew what was happening everyone was convincing him to walk right through the puddle he'd been forbidden from all day!! This time, the cameras were rolling....Forgive us Ryder for this laugh at your expense. Trust me, it was done with LOVE!!!

 The Beach. Yep, lake camping is different than mountain camping. Even when it is cloudy and rainy, it is warm enough to play in the water!!

 This boat was sooo much fun!

 Supervising from the ICE cold water, was the Dads' job! :)


 Scout had some testing done that required her to get stitches. No swimming for her and yes, she did have to wear the cone  most of the time. Boooo!

 Since we were closer to Mom's house for this adventure, she made the drive out so she could snuggle with her little cutie!!

 Ryder fell asleep in the stroller on the way home from the beach!

 He is big into putting sunglasses on. He needed help with these, but you can see how much he loves them!

 The boys had sooo much fun hangin' together!

Ryder loves playing with trucks. He has never been the kid who rolls them on the ground. He likes to pick them up and put them on benches. He prefers to stand and play, I guess. :)

 Gramma brought this one. Thanks, Gramma!!

 Enjoying some cone free time!!

 Helping Mom make cowboy coffee!

 Dad built this rocking horse for Aim, Nic and I a LONG time ago. He took the rocking horse Mom and her brother used to ride an even LONGER time ago, made a pattern out of it and built a replica for us. Mom brought it to my house one day and now Ryder is loving it as much as we once did!! Original paint job and all!! It is one of the only "ride on" toys he owns that he can get on and off by himself and make it go without us pushing hime (that's why we brought it camping) Both boys LOVED the horse so much, we finally put them both on it together!

These are the kinds of adventures summer is all about!!! Here's to plenty more and hopefully a few of 'em will be in full on sunshine!!! :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Today was Father’s Day, a day to celebrate Dad’s. I miss my Dad a lot. I wish he were here to meet Ryder, to pinch his chubby cheeks, to read stories to him, to give him rides on his motorcycle and to say to him, “Eat every potato and “pee” on your plate!” I wish he could be here to camp with us, to teach Ryder to tear apart beaver damns, to put up tents, to fish, and to make popcorn on the camp stove.  I wish he were here so that Ryder could snuggle with him after his bath and so that Dad would know what it feels like to be called, Grampa. But he isn’t.
I know Ryder’s other Grandpa and Ryder’s own Dad will teach him all of these things and they will soak up all the cheek pinching and snuggling possible, but that doesn’t make me stop wishing…..
 We had a great Father’s Day today, just the three of us, but I couldn’t help but take time to reminisce about my own Daddy. The best one in the whole world!  Today, my top three happy memories of my Dad were:
-Racing across the pasture. He on his big fat old mare, Cinnamon and me on my Pony!  Mom wasn’t big on us “racing” so it was always a treat when Dad would take me out for a ride, just the two of us. I always knew that at one point on the ride, he would look over at me and say, “race ya?!”
-Riding his motorcycle with him and Aim and Nic. Yep all four of us at once. He would take us on loops all around the yard and for some reason, we’d all sing, “Yabadaba doo time in Bedrock City” as loud as we could, over and over again the whole ride!

- Him dumping home made glue on Nic's head. I know I've written about this before. I still don't know why we made home made glue, or why he dumped it on Nic's head. But to me it was really funny! Sorry, Nic.

Those were my top three happy memories of my Dad for today. My happy memories are many and my Top Ten list is hundreds of memories long!!

Today, hopefully, we made some happy memories for Ryder!

I thought it would be a fun tradition, to start taking pictures of Ryder in Marty's dress shirts every year on Father's Day. One day they will be the same size and who knows, maybe one day, Ryder will be bigger than Marty!!

 Right now, ofcorse, the shirt is waaay too big for Ryder James.  Hard for me to imagine him, as big as Marty!!

 They took off their shirts and put on sunglasses!! Soo cute!

My little cutie, rockin' his "sunnies."

 We went to Banff this afternoon for a Family hike. We decided to tackle Sulphur Mountain. There is a Gondola you can ride up. The top is quite spectacular and windy!!!  We hiked to the top and took the Gondola down. Marty carried Ryder in the pack the whole way!! We only gave Ryder his soother when he got fussy about an hour into the hike. After he was "plugged" he was happy as could be again!  Marty joked that no bears will ever come near us with all the chattering Ryder was doing!
 Check out the view, behind my little cuties!! You can hike up to the look out point once you reach this observation deck, but it was crazy windy and not long after we reached the top it began to rain. 

 Marty had to warm up Ryder's hands! I brought a tuque for him, but forgot mitts! It was chilly at the top!

 Eventually, we headed into the Gondola station to warm up before getting in line to ride down.  Scout had been the only dog on the mountain the whole afternoon and she drew a lot of attention, especially once inside!

Down we go!!

 Check out the awesome rainbow!! Dad was with us afterall!!! :)

 Ryder really wanted to stand up in the Gondola. He leaned on Scout for balance! Soo cute!

 This was the two of them on the way home. EXHAUSTED!!!!

 Ryder helped me make the salad for Father's Day dinner to go with our steaks.  I wanted Marty to get a picture of him helping. Just before snapping the picture, Marty handed him my Bacardi Breezer. Ofcorse Ryder used it to "stir" the salad. He's big into stirring these days. Marty thought it was funny. It wasn't the picture I was going for, but hey, it's Father's Day. I humored the "Father." LOL

What I was going for was the pic of Ryder on his chair, "helping." Lately, I've been pulling a chair over for him to stand on and help me with baking and cooking. Today, he went over all by himself, unprompted to the chair and started trying to pull it over to the counter. He couldn't move it ofcorse, our log chairs are crazy heavy. But I knew what he was trying to do and I thought it was awesome!! It is sooo cool seeing him learn and remember stuff right before my eyes!!!! I was sooo excited about this whole chair thing, that I forgot to have him wash his hands. It was only after he put all the cut up mushrooms, peppers and cucombers into the salad that I noticed the sand all over him!! Oooops!!!

Aside from the extra crunch in our salad, the entire day was perfect!!!! 
Happy Father's Day to all the Daddies out there!!!!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings, and don’t forget to hug your Daddy today!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


It has been rain, rainy, rainy here! I just keep waiting, "til the weather is better" to do anything, but I am beginning to realize that the weather, apparently is not getting any better.  I need to change my attitude! From now on, instead of waiting for sunshine, I am gonna embrace every day, sunny or not!! I will no longer let this depressing rainy weather, dictate my fun or my mood!!!

Last weekend, we went to some garage sales, (in the rain) and scored this awesome tool bench for 20 bucks!!

Almost a plumber butt here...almost. he he
 It came with a hard hat too! I can't believe how much Ryder looks like Bob the Builder in this pic!! LOL

 We went to Costco, Sunday, (in the rain) and we saw this giant stuffed bear. We didn't buy it, but it was definitely the biggest stuffie I have ever seen!!

 Monday, it was sunny....for a while, so after work, Ryder and I went to visit, Uncle Dirt. Ryder LOVES to sit up there in the saddle!

 Ryder spent as much time in the saddle as he did putting horse treats into his truck!

Tuesday, we had sun for a while too, so after work, Ryder and I bought 5 plants. We came home and even got them planted before it rained again. Ryder loved to work the watering can!

I know, I know, 5 plants? Only 5 plants? I have decided to start small. Just buying what I can immediately plant. Before I can plant anything else, I have a lot of weeding to do...a lot!!!!!!!

It seems crazy to be thinkin' about eating a crock pot full of chilli in June, but all this rain makes me crave comfort food. Instead of chili I settled for spagetti squash. It was still nice and hot, but not quite so heavy.  Ryder LOVES spagetti squash!!
Yep, meal times are still an experience! This is just an example of how "interesting" they can be...