Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Everynight, before bed, I line up Ryder's trucks. My version of putting them away.
The other day, as I sat down on the couch, to rest my exhausted, happy, mommy's feet, I noticed the smiles. The happy, joyful, permanent, ear to ear grins seemed to be just for me. They seemed to say, "Good job, Mom! Another, fun, playful day! Baby is peacefully sleeping..for now, and you deserve a great big smile!!!"  Now, every time I look at one of Ryder's trucks (his new obsession) I can't help but let myself get wrapped up in their big, plastic, painted on smiles!
Is it weird that smiling plastic trucks make me feel good about me? Maybe. But to me, the smiling trucks, even when not so neatly lined up, are just another sign that it's really happening. That I really am being a Mom.  And being a Mom is something I have always dreamed of being!!!

Dreams really do come true and just in case the living, breathing, pooping, eating, laughing, walking, giggling baby boy doesn't convince me, the happy, plastic trucks do!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Ryder is fast approaching 1 years old. 1 YEARS OLD!!!!!  He is now just over 11 months old and today, Feb.26th, I can say that he is officially walking.  He's been taking steps and walking from one strategically placed rubbermaid bin to the next for weeks, but today, today, he followed Scout from one end of the house to the other without rubbermaid bins or my finger!! We have emptied all of the heavy books from the bins, filled them back up with their original contents and piled them back in the basement.  Ryder now has only Scout and the couches to hold him up when his newly discovered legs become weary from all of his walking!!

In his tenth month, Ryder started climbing stairs, chewing on his crib, tried Homo milk (not a fan yet,) worked on independant walking, recognized certain objects, like his big stuffed horse. He recognizes him, by his name: Beans. He tried a chocolate dipped strawberry on Valentine's Day, He flew to Phoenix, slept on a mattress on the floor in the rental house in Phoenix, started pushing toy trucks everywhere, got his first big bruise on his head as a result of a run in with a plastic truck and he outgrew his winter snowsuit!!

Oh, he went to the Rain Forest Cafe, in Phoenix for the first time too!

Ofcorse we danced a lot!! Our favorite dancing tune, is Sugarland's "Stuck on you."

Only one more month and he will be 1 YEAR OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How does time fly by sooo fast???

Friday, February 24, 2012


We were bound and determined to go on a hot holiday while I was on maternity leave.  We were hoping to go to Cuba, but decided at the last minute to go to Phoenix. We figured the flight was shorter, the weather was warm but not crazy HOT (being more child friendly), that we could rent a house with a pool so that Ryder could still nap and we could still be outside in the sunshine, that we could check out the desert, and that maybe, just maybe my sisters or mom could join us.

Yep, it's a Superman one piece swim suit!!  Ok, it's too small, but I squeezed him into it, cause it's cute, isn't it???

We found a great house for rent on the internet. It was Canadian owned, advertized as "Canadians renting to Canadians." The place had a pool and was located in the San Tan Valley, just an hour from Phoenix.  It had four bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and was in a family friendly neighbourhood.  

Once we had everything squared away, we invited, my sisters and mom to join us on our last minute holiday.  We knew chances were slim that anyone would be able to join us on such short notice, but we thought we'd invite anyway.  To our surprise, we got a text from Aimee and Shane, once we were already there, saying they had found CHEAP flights and that they'd like to join us!! Yippee!!!  

The boys spent a lot of time at the pool together.

I know, I know, I have included way too many pictures, but I couldn't help it! The trip was so much fun!!  

This was a super fun, kid friendly place! The train and the petting zoo were a big hit!

Petting Zoo

SAN TAN FLATS OUTDOOR RESTAURANT-like camping without sleeping on the ground

 This was such a cool place! So much to see and do! There was dancing, BBQ, fire pits, wood piles, western decor! Everything about this place was soooo much fun!!!




Shane and Max, heading to fishing pond!

Ryder slept through most of the fishing
trip. This was him, just before  
he shut it down in the stroller.
 Max was the most adorable fisherman ever!!!!!


 Shane and Max checkin' out the animals.

Aimee and Max

Yep, that's apple sauce dripping off his chin.

Ryder and Max riding a ceramic zoo animal!  Aimee and I posed for a pic too.


Ryder, touching his first snake!