Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Mom and I were driving home at 9:30pm after an evening of riding horses out at the Farm, when we heard a voice. We were exhausted, like stupid tired from our horsey adventures, so for a minute we both thought we were hearing things.
"Hello, anybody there? It's me?"
A panick attack set in! Maybe it was God! God was finally looking for me! It had, afterall been quite some time since I last checked in with him and he was probably finally wondering where the hell I'd been!!!
My panic ceased once I recognized the voice as Nicole's. Surely Nicole was not God, or at the very least, God could not possibly sound like Nicole....
I shook my head, but the voice wouldn't go away, it was coming's pants! What? A God like voice, replicating Nicole's was coming from Mom's pants???
Eventually, we discovered that mom's cell phone had pocket dialed Nic! Mom must have shifted just right in the passenger seat, allowing her jeans to press on the "dial" button and her phone rang Nic up without us even knowing it!!
Ah, dooped by the good old pocket dial! Gets everybody at least once....right?

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