Wednesday, May 5, 2010


These two boys in grade 5 came up to me at the start of French Class today to ask if they could sing a song they'd made up for the class. The song, ofcorse, was not in French, however I get a kick out of kids with spirit like this, so I indulged them. The entire class focused their attention on the pair as they began rocking their feet in rythm as they belted out some weird little song that they had made up. To their credit, it was obviously something they had practiced as they seemed to have a little routine that ended with them belly sliding across the floor of the classroom. They grinned up from the floor, head in their hands at the class who clapped wildly.
The words really were not that impressive. Their voices? Nothing to write home about and the dance moves lacked luster. Their enthusiasm though, was contagious and their confidence had the other 25 kids believing that they had just witnessed a rock concert!
I, for one, felt suddenly overcome with envy....and sadness. Envy of their free spirit and their uninhibited belief in themselves. I can't remember the last time I made up a song and dance routine or slid across anything on my belly.
Sadness, for that fact that most likely, by the time these two hit middle school they will have lost that confidence. The chance they will perform belly slides as part of a spontaneous "boy band" dance routine, in front of their peers again are pretty much nil!
But why? What happens to kids between the ages of 10 and 13? Who knocks them down? Who makes them doubt themselves?
I refuse to have any part of reining in youthful enthusiasm, they loose it too fast all on their own. While these performances and outbursts of silliness have little to do with French, I embrace them, heck I encourage them!
Just yesterday, after the grade 8's had finished cutting huge 3D letters out of giant sheets of styrofoam for their farewell party, I let the spontaneous foam fight that naturally broke out, rage on. I stood back, after having each one of them pinky swear they would clean up every last crumb of styrofoam before lunch, and watched as they smashed the foam leftovers over eachother's heads, backs and butts. I watched as they chased eachother around with foam blocks, giggling, squealing and laughing like they were 6 years old. In the end the classroom was left clean and the eighth graders left feeling like kids. Free, crazy, wild, kids!!!!
Here's wishing everyone who reads this, takes time today to bust loose, to shake off all inhibitions, to sing ridiculous song lyrics at the top of their lungs and to belly slide...

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