Sunday, February 27, 2011


Getting ready for Mini-Me has been sooo much fun! Feels like I have been waiting my whole life for the arrival of my own baby!! Marty and I have had lots of help, getting ready for Mini-Me. Aim has spent the past 9 months getting me through my pregnancy, preparing me for the actual "birth event," Nic spent an entire weekend here, creating (damn, she is talented) the perfect environment for Mini-Me and mom just spent another weekend here, working on finishing touches! I am soo greatful for all the help... I even had 2 friends from school come out to decorate and create the ambiance I was looking for!

Nic made bulletin/picture boards for above the change table.
We now have a proper nursing chair in the corner, but this is the room in it's early stages...notice Nic's picture boards?

My friends from school helped me find the stars and rustic decor...
Marty's cousins gave us a car seat. Marty is getting it all ready!
Scout helps with every project. She'll be a great big sister!
Marty has had to take over dish washing duty. I can no longer get close enough to the sink...well I sort of can, but it really bothers my back...he is awesome!
Mom sat in our kitchen and sewed the most awesome crib duvet cover out of the material my friends and I picked out!!
Thanks, mom!!
Here is the duvet in the crib. Ofcorse at first Mini-Me will have to lay on top of it, but damn, isn't it adorable???

Mom and Nic had a sewing bee at home and sewed a bunch (like over 50) "sqaures" for us. These are like mini wash cloths, we've heard they are awesome to have on hand!
The stack of squares!! Awesome!

Mom and me and Mini-Me
The three of us are ready, ready, ready for Mini-Me to come!!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I am 36 weeks preggo now and so excited to meet minime!! I've had to start wearing those crazy compression socks, I bought for flying everyday now as gross varicose veins have appeared on my left ankle and foot. Turns out having a "standing" job and never sitting, ever, puts pressure on my veins, a few of which have blown right out! Ewwww! The doc said I need to start wearing my high compression socks every day and that they need to be hand washed every night as they loose elasticity after each wearing. She said if I have another pregnancy, I'll need to wear the socks from day one! If I'm lucky the veins may look a little LESS gross after the baby is born, but it is possible, I could end up a little old lady with fat, purple ankles...hey, as long as I end up an OLD lady, I will be happy! :)
So the varicose veins are new and so is the heart burn. Ugh, all the gross stuff seems to be happening now....and I hear it only gets grosser, awesome!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Yesterday we had pre natal class again. This time, Marty and I were not as tired as we were the last time, after having just returned from Vegas, yet we still found ourselves immaturely giggling at inappropriate times.
We saw two birthing I really need to explain what two immature parents to be, could possibly find to nervously giggle about during those??
We practiced massage techniques, one involved Marty standing behind me, squeezing my hips with his knees while I was on all fours, also cause for giggling....all in all between our immaturity, we did learn a few things. We left, thankful for the chance to prepare in this way for our babies arrival. Oh, we also met another couple in the class who randomly lives 2 blocks from our house!!

Tonight, we met with our Doula, Leanne. She is fabulous, I am truly looking forward to having her in the hospital with us to help us be strong during the birth of our baby. She knows I've been nervous about the pain, so tonight she brought a few "contract" simulating games with her. She had me squeeze two ice cubes in each hand for a minute with no distractions, to see how that felt f-ing cold and uncomfortable, but I lasted the whole minute. Next she had me squeeze the ice while I breathed in and out and she and Marty rubbed my arms....the minute went by much quicker...there was a lesson for me to learn in that exercise, and I did. :)
She also brought this cool T-shirt, she got at a Doula conference. It said "Stand up for birth" on it. She had me put my feet through the sleeves and pull the shirt up over my belly. She stuck a baby doll down the front of the shirt and had me lie on my back and try to wiggle the doll out....ofcorse it wouldn't budge. When I squated or lunged, and rocked, the doll fell right out the arm sleeves...another lesson well demonstrated and more giggling. Damn, I sure hope the real birth involves so many giggles!! :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011


It's been 2 weeks since my last post! I have been stupid busy, first recovering from a week in Quebec city with the gr.7 and 8's and this week, recovering from a long weekend in Las Vegas! I am slowly getting my energy back...slowly. We arrived home from Vegas at 11pm Monday night. Tuesday after a full day of work, we had our first pre-natal class. Wednesday, after a full day of work, we met with our Doula to begin the process of planning and preparing for our baby's birth. Tonight, after a putting on a huge Anti-bullying assembly at school and a dog walk in below zero weather, my feet were sooo swollen and purple (gross looking veins) that I simply sat with my feet up, watching crappy TV. It is 10:39pm and I feel energetic enough to post a couple of pics.
I've been running around like the energizer bunny, not realizing how tired i am until the last week. I got home from Vegas to find out that although, I had left sub plans, I had written in the Teacher's absence book, that I would be away and had Mrs. K subbing for me, and that I had told all the kids to expect Mrs. K to be their teacher Monday, I hadn't actually booked her!! I was soo tired and sooo convinced that I had, but I guess I hadn't! Then I spent all day yesterday wondering why the hell my undies were crawling up my ass, causing me to walk weird and be uncomfortable, only to realize at 3pm when i peed for the millionth time, that the tag was in the front! I had been wearing my little "boy short" undies backwards, all day!!!!!!! I gotta get it together, good grief!!
Marty and I were both stupid tired Tuesday night when we headed to our first pre-natal class. We both had the "I'm over tired" giggles during class, making us look, I'm sure, extremely immature! Seriously though, there were some funny things discussed and funny questions asked. The funniest was when the instructor was suggesting things we should pack in our hospital bag. She thought the "Dads" might want to bring swimming trunks as it is possible the "moms" will spend a lot of time in the shower and they might want to get in. The "dad to be" next to us, put up his hand. "Okay, so, she gets in the shower and she's naked right?? Then why would I put on a swim suit? Why wouldn't I just get in naked too?" We all laughed at that, I mean, the whole scenario seems funny, everyone naked in the shower at a birth. Then the instructor reminded him that there would be nurses checking on them, listening to the heartbeat and generally being present. Things like that just made us giggle uncontrollably for most of the two hours!
I am so greatful that tomorrow is a PD day and that it is a long weekend. I have zero plans, maybe do a little report card writing, but otherwise, priority one will be to sleep!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


According to the "Baby Bump" app on my ipod, we have 6 weeks and 4 days until we technically become "Mom and Dad!" We are curious and nervous and scared and sooo excited! This is how big my baby bump is now!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Last night, I was pushed through the Montreal airport in a wheel chair at a ridiculously fast pace by a Ticket Agent. Now, what do you think when you see a pregnant woman being pushed at top speed anywhere? You think, "OMG, that woman is about to have her baby!!"
Well, I was NOT about to have my baby, I still have 7 weeks to least. I was simply trying to catch my flight home from Quebec.
Our 5 day, whirl wind, super fun, school trip to Quebec City and Montreal was coming to a close. We only had 5 hours on a plane before the most fun, school trip I have ever been a part of would officially be over. All 72 of us were exhausted, excited and so ready to just be home, but because of a mix up at the ticket counter, a couple of students had troubles getting their boarding passes. 2 other adults, 2 students and myself were the only ones left at the ticket counter when we heard our last boarding call. The Ticket Agent tried frantically to call the gate to ask them to hold the flight for us, but she couldn't reach them! The last boarding passes were printed, and we were given an escort through security, though that did not mean special treatment. We still had to take off all our metal, get out bodies scanned and dress again. By this time panic had taken over the Ticket Agent. She insisted we needed to run, not walk, run to the gate. The other adults freaked out that I was pregnant and shouldn't run. I insisted I was fine, then to my horror, out of nowhere an abandoned wheel chair appeared out of nowhere in the hallway. I sat down in it, the Ticket Agent took the handles and the 6 of us raced through the airport!
We made our flight and now I'm home and though it looked like I was going to, I did not have my baby in the airport. :)