Monday, May 10, 2010


Yep, the woman's bathroom in our teacher's lounge at work, is exactly as you imagine it. 2 stalls, single ply toilet paper, two sinks, a mirror and a paper towel dispenser. Oh and there is an extra mirror on the wall, the kind that opens into a little cabinet where too many women try to store too many toiletries. Maxi pads, tampons, cover up, combs, mini bottles of hair spray, lip stick, toothpaste tubes covered with crusty toothpaste, old, furry toothbrushes and floss. It's a real hodge podge of stuff in there, and I have to assume that because nothing in there is labled, that everyone knows where their own "products" are.
Today, I used my toothbrush after lunch. It is an OLD one. A travel toothbrush, so that it has it's own little case to keep the very old, broken down bristles clean, if nothing else. I squeezed toothpaste out of my own disgusting, paste smeared tube and began brushing my teeth, in an attempt to mask my coffee breath. I began brushing and OWWWW!!!! My gums, my gums, they started bleeding!!!! There is no way that my old, super soft brush could cause my gums to bleed. The culprit?? The brand new toothbrush I bought at Walmart and used for the first time this morning made my gums raw!!!!!! OUCH!!!

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