Thursday, April 29, 2010


OMG! I can't believe what great advice I followed lastnight by trying to find at least one thing I liked about this horrible snowy weather in April, and building on it. But if your read my last blog, you will know that I did manage to find a few things I liked and I signed off the blog saying that "in theory, by this time tomorrow, I should be loving this blizzardy weather." Well, it happened, I love it! I love it, love it because.....we got a snow day!!!!! Schools were closed early this morning and I got to sleep in and now I have a whole day of Jeanne, stretching out infront of me! Yipeeeee! I love blizzards in April, almost May!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I am taking some advice I heard at a horse clinic on the weekend and applying it to the shitty weather we are experiencing.
About a horse that really challenges you, one that you swear you can't stand, the clinician says you should "find something about it that you like (even his ears, his color or the fact that he is male, or she is female) and build on it."
Well, that's what I am trying to do with this weather, find something I like about it and build on it until I convince myself that I do like it. Here's what I kind of like about snow in April, almost May:
-No one is on the road, I drove right into the bay at Mr. Lube (first time ever I didn't have to wait in line)
-I got to turn on my fire place and cuddle with my puppy (Marty is stranded at airport in Vancouver, but I am not focusing on what I hate about this weather)
-Uh....I guess that's it, 2 reasons. I will build on those. In theory, next time I write I should be loving winter in April, almost May!!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Why? Why do they make it so hard to register online for courses? Why can't I just hit the "register for spring classes" link and be magically transported to the blissful place of "you are now registered?" I am sooo frustrated right now! The "online registration" page keeps sending me in circles, I am dizzy and grumpy and I can't wait until tomorrow when I can talk to a REAL LIVE person on the phone!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I AM BACK!!!!!

Here I am! I blame Facebook 100% for my absence from blogging, but, I am back!! My fascination with Facebook, the whole novelty of it has finally worn off! Oh I still enjoy checking in with my "wall" and I love seeing everyone's photos, but I miss actually writing sentences. So I am back to blogging, hope you havn't given up on me!!

Why are kids under the age of 13, ordering caffinated drinks at Starbucks?? Don't they understand that the reason I, their teacher, am in line this early in the morning is so I can get enough caffein to keep up with them?! What happened to kids making it through the day on the good old fashioned sugar high provided by cereals like Fruit Loops???