Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So, according to my pregnancy book I have reached the point where I need to invest in new undies….duh, it's not like I need a book to tell me that my own gaunch is getting tight! Infact, I have already purchased more than one pair in a bigger size! I didn't put much thought into the new undies beyond the, "I am getting cheap ones, cause I don't plan to wear these for long," thoughts, but according to the book there are more choices than the ones I considered....no not the choice, of undies that go "up the butt crack" or those that cover it, I long ago made my preference on that decision.....apparently I coulld have been considering the choice of undies that go “over” the belly or undies that stay “under” the belly. What?? Undies that go over??? Ummmm, is that even an actual choice??? Grossss! There is no way, I am going to stretch the waist band of any size of gaunch over my baby bump!! I think I'll stick to my "up the crack" "under the belly" undies....they're the ones I find comfy and so far, no complaints from my butt or my belly!

Monday, November 29, 2010


I felt like I was reading some kind of report card when I came across the comment, "smile developing." Had it been a report card, I would have smiled myself, but this was not a report card at all, this was Dirt Face's dental report. And, from the size of the bill, I guessed that, "smile developing" was NOT a good thing!
Turns out, poor, Dirt was missing a tooth. Tooth, number 202 to be exact. Tooth 202, for those of you unfamiliar with horses' teeth, is a tooth in the front of the mouth! I didn't even know he was missing it!! When the vet called at lunch, to ask if he could go ahead and fix Dirt's issues, he started by saying,
"So, you know, he's missing that one tooth, right?" Before I even answered I was filled with guilt,
"yeah," I answered, hoping my tone of voice hid the fact that I really had ZERO knowledge of his missing tooth! I felt like a horrible owner. My horse had a missing front tooth! I bridled him at least three times a week and I had NO idea he was a tooth short!! What kind of treatment was he gonna need? Do they give horses a retainer with a fake tooth attached? Do horses get dentures? Did he need something to fill that hole in his mouth?
The vet put my mind to ease by assuring me that he can still eat properly. His jaw will get out of alignment more easily, so I'll have to stay on top of that.
Dirt got a medium strength tranquilizer and his jaw realigned, I got bill left for me at the barn and the budget for porcelain veneers got to be saved, just in case, for Marty and mini me's hockey future...LOL

Saturday, November 27, 2010


The sun shone Saturday, so Marty and I took Scout for a walk and a play in the snow. It was finally warm enough for me to bring my camera along without freezing it or my fingers!!! I can't help but laugh outloud as I watch her love the snow!!!!!!! You know, if it weren't for her, I think there are days I wouldn't go outside at all. I am greatful that she is here to remind me how much fun snow can be, even if you arn't snowboarding across the top of it! :)

Yep, all four feet are off the ground!

Throw anything into the snow and she'll chase it, including snowballs!!


We love our Scout!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas:
Snow? Check!
Cold? Check!
Christmas lights on the roof? Check!!
Yep, second house on the street to have our lights up!! Marty did them all by himself before I even got home from work! I drove up to the house and the glow of red, blue, green and yellow lights brought a huge grin to my face! I love Christmas lights!!! I love the icicles, people put up that hang down in strands, giving their homes a white glow, I like the all blue lights best when they lightly glow beneath a blanket of snow, but I love the good old fashioned, red, blue, yellow and green light bulbs that sit neatly on the edge of the roof. I love them!!!
This is the first year, we've had a real house together to put lights on and we both stood in the middle of the street, when Marty was done hanging them, to take in the glow of the approaching holiday season!!!!!!!!
Only a few more days until December first, my official decorating day! Yipeeeeeeee!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Just sitting here, watching, "Glee." I love that show, I know, I know, it is so "high school" but the grad 7 girls got me hooked on it. Tonight's episode opened with the hot new guy (yes he plays a high school kid, but I am sure he's older in real life, so it's not too creepy if I think he's hot, is it??) Anyway, the hot new kid, presents his girlfriend with a promise ring and this great speech about how much he cares for her and all the great things he promises to do for her, like move stuff that's heavy and blah, blah....Marty was sitting on the couch beside me, pretending to barf, while I commented on how romantic and sweet the kid was. I wished out loud that I had a romantic guy who would promise me stuff like that and this is what Marty said, and I quote,
"hey, I'm romantic, I gave you my baby batter didn't I??" Like what?????????????

LOL! Boys!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


We made our first big baby purchase the other day! I found a stroller on Kijiji and I loved it! I definately want a chariot eventually so that I can use it as a jogger and attach it to my bike, but in the beginning and for trips to the mall and grocery store and walks, I figure I'll want something smaller. When I first started looking at strollers, I had no idea what I really wanted. Then I saw it, a Bugaboo Cameleon. OMG! That was the cadillac of strollers and it was priced, even on Kijiji at over 800 bucks!!! I had never thought I'd be the kind of girl that would want or need a high end stroller, but I couldnt' get enough of these Bugaboos. There were other models, besides, the cameleon. The Frog, the Bumblebee, each one offering a little something different. The frog was the original, the base model and the other day, I found one on Kijiji for $300! It had all of the accessories, including the UV parasol, the rain cover, the sun shade, the bassinet, the toddler seat, the diaper bag, the maintenance box and the instructional video. The Frog is actually being discontinued this year, but I know that new, it is still valued at over $600!
Marty and I met the seller in a parking lot in the snow. She pulled the whole thing out of the trunk of her Honda Civic and set it all up, showing us how each piece fit on before we even had time to freeze. I offered her under $300 and we drove away with our "brand new to us" Bugaboo stroller!!!!!!
I was sooo excited when we got home, that I insisted Marty help me put the basinet in it so that it will be all ready for when Mini Me comes home! :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Wow, it has been a long time since I’ve had a chance to blog! Ive been crazy busy at work, and report cards have hijacked most of my evenings! I can finally see the light at the end of the “report card tunnel” so I am taking time today, to blog!!

I am finally starting to look pregnant! Yay! I love it! I can see that my belly button is slowly making it’s way from an “inny” to an “outy,” weird, but exciting! My boobs are still way bigger than my belly, but my belly is catching up! I have gone up two cup sizes with my boobs now fitting comfortably in a D cup!! Wow, who knew??? My snoogle continues to be the only thing I get intimate with at night, and my sluggish bowels and the boating make me wonder if I won’t get hemeroides just trying to take a crap!

I am still fitting into some of my own clothes while some of the maternity stuff is still a little too big. My fingernails are growing like crazy, while the hair on my legs is not growing at all!!!

I still havn’t had any “cravings” but I’ve been enjoying icing, boat loads of it! Sometimes I just eat it off a spoon right out of the Betty Crocker can. Sweet chilli Doritos are a weakness and so are “haystack” cookies.

If I do say so myself, I have managed to keep my emotional hormones in check, no random crying, or freaking out and I can count on one hand, how many times I’ve been mad at Marty for no rational reason. I am tired though, but I’ll admit that is probably because I can’t seem to get headed for bed before 11pm, ever!

The kids at school are adorable! The grade fours always give me hugs, saying, one for you and one for “mini me!” They always say Bonjour Mme. W and bonjour Mini me, with a little wave just for my bump. The grade 8 girls are sooo curious about how it “feels to have something growing inside you,” and the teachers are constantly telling me how “cute” I am.

Marty? He’s just plain weirded out by all the changes. He doesn’t want to hear about my newly protruding belly button and he doesn’t want to closely examine the new veins appearing on my boobs. He is grossed out that when I do finally have a great crap, it takes over four flushes and a plunger to break it up enough for it to fit down the toilet. He keeps telling me these are things I should keep to myself, but you know me, I can’t! LOL

Monday, November 1, 2010


I am just over 19 weeks pregnant and I am still trying to squeeze into my regular clothes. yes, I have purchased maternity clothes, but for some reason, I just want to save them...for what, I'm not sure. It's like I've been waiting so long to have a reason to need them, that I just want to enjoy them hanging in my closet for a while...Today, though, today I got a sign that it just might be time to start wearing my maternity pants. I pulled on my black capri pants, zipped the zipper, stretched the material desperately trying to make the button reach the button hole, but it wouldn't, so I simply left it undone. By recess, I could barely pull the zipper up all the way. By lunch the zipper wouldn't go up at all! The button, hanging by a thread simply popped off and rolled into the stall next to mine! Ahhhh! Looks like tomorrow, I'll be wearing pants with an elastic waist band!