Monday, March 23, 2009


Maria and I in our matching tops!  

I turned 33 Saturday!  It was the first day of spring and what a fantastic spring day it was!  I woke up early, jogged with my dog (it was our first "on leash" run together ever!)  I came home, had breakfast with Marty then headed to the mall, to meet Maria for a birthday latte and some shopping for a new birthday top.  Maria and I were going to work at Marty's Bacardi booth at the Co-Op wine tasting that night and then we were all going to go out for some Wine of our own, to celebrate.  Maria bought me a fun new top and got one for herself, we decided to match!  We had a blast playing bar tender for the evening and got more than one compliment on our fun tops!  Marty and I arrived home, after a bottle of wine and some appies in a huge snowstorm!!!  Turns out no one had informed Winter, that it was now SPRING!!!!  We woke up Sunday, to over 20cm of new, heavy, wet snow!  My happy, birthday mood was instantly GONE and it still is!  For the past two days, I have been moping around, grouchy as hell.  All day, I listened to the kids at school, soo happy for the new snow.  They didn't hate it, they embraced it!  They built snowmen and forts and tunnels. They hauled piles of it into the school in their boots and they dragged it on the cuff of their pants all through the hall ways.  They giggled and laughed as they shook out their tuques, spraying snowflakes on the walls.  I watched as the adults mopped up the floors behind them, scowled a the wet pants sliding into desk chairs and groaned  at the puddles forming in the bootrooms.  This is all WINTER, but it is spring and we are all tired of the cold and snow!!!  The sun was shining when I got home today, so I decided to take Scout for a walk.  We had just been jogging only a couple of days ago, but now, now we were back to walking on the tretcherous sidewalks.  I wouldn't have even minded so much if I could have seen the sidewalks!  The sun had not been strong enough to melt the snow so the sidewalks were now, single tracked paths created by commuters walking back and forth between bus stops.  It was ridiculous!  There was no way I was in any mood to walk the whole 5km in those conditions.  I kept telling myself that Scout deserved a full hour walk, so I trudged along, Scout bouncing through the huge piles of snow beside me on the leash!  After about 38 minutes (yep, I checked my watch) I gave up!  I was sooo grouchy!  My pants legs were soaking from the deep snow on either side of the narrow paths, my arm was aching from the 50lbs bounding on the end of it (Scout loves the snow as much as the kids) and I was sweating like a pig!  I turned around and began searching for a short cut.  I had just turned 33, I was tooooo old for this!  That's right, I just had a birthday, I thought, I should loose the attitude and try to think of all the wonderful things in my world right now.  I tried, I honestly did, but unfortunatley, I have to admit that all of my positive thoughts were buried too far beneath spring snow and major PMS to surface today.  

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