Sunday, March 8, 2009


I am, what I like to call, a "fill the gap" driver.  No matter what the speed limit (except in parks and school zones of course) I drive to fill the gap.  My front bumper is always within centimeters of the tail lights of the car in front of me, always!  Space between tail lights and headlights is extremely frustrating to me, especially when I know my headlights could easily catch those tail lights but because of the SLOW driver in front of me, the gap remains unfilled!! The open road I can see from peering out my side window around the wide load in front of me taunts me, daring me to make a move.  I turn on my ticker, rev the gas pedal and...stay put!  I swear a little, ok, a lot, shake my fist, roll my eyes and glare holes through the back of the head of the patient, cautious human sitting in the driver's seat of the vehicle in front of me.  I am not patient and I am not cautious, but thankfully, I am not stupid either!  I don't take too many big risks while behind the wheel of my jetta, I am NOT ready to die over filling the gap, but I definately fall into the category of "Road Rager!"  My rage is expressed in the form of very loud four-letter words hollered in the well sealed, windows rolled up safety of my car accompanied by a good old fashioned shaking fist!  Oh and once in a while I will squeel the tires or rev my engine when I finally pass some slow driver, but that's as far as my rage goes. My girlfriend was driving in the city a while back and saw someone hitting another car with a machetti!  What?  A machetti?  Crazy!  See mom, suddenly swearing and fist shaking doesn't seem sooo unacceptable does it?

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