Sunday, March 15, 2009


You know what's gross? Chicken thighs! Why? Why would I suddenly eat plain, boiled chicken thighs when I normally consume boneless, skinless chicken breasts as my poulty meat of choice? Because that is all we had left in the freezer, and since I am trying very hard to get my grocery spending under control, I had to use what was already in the freezer as it was no where near grocery day. In the freezer, in little individually packaged zip lock bags, were chicken thighs. Now, normally, Marty chefs up chicken thighs for himself when I am at meetings, or not coming home for supper, or when he thinks he can cover them in enough BBQ sauce to trick me into eating them and that is why we had them. I, never CHOOSE to eat thighs. I mean, I have been indoctrinated by every fitness, food and fashion magazine out there, like most women my age, to believe that boneless, skinless chicken breasts are the ONLY poultry meat to eat. Sure, I've seen a few ads trying to push turkey breast and ground turkey into the lime light, but we have been hearing about boneless, skinless chicken breasts for so long, that it is almost impossible to imagine eating any other part of the bird, let along another bird all together! Exception: hot wings. Once enough beer or Bacardi Breezers have been consumed, hot wings, somehow get justified as "chicken, therefore healthy, why not eat 6 or 7?"
Anyway, out of desperation for some chicken the other night while Marty was gone, I tried out one of his chicken thighs. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it was the skin that made me want to hurl! Dont' get me wrong, skin is good, when it is deep fried, like KFC or smothered in hot sauce, like wings, but just plain? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!

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