Wednesday, March 4, 2009


FYI the patch on the sidewalk that looks like a wet spot is actually ice!  The acrobatics required to recover from every slip should be captured, choreographed and put into a floor routine for a gymnast one day!  Scout and I have been walking in the evenings lately, but this in-between weather has made our walks tricky.  If we go right after school the puddles and mud present irrisistable obstacles for Scout and I to manoeuvre, but if we go after the sun goes down, every puddle and muddy spot has turned into a virtual skating rink, making the "dog walk" an extreme sport.  You know how funny it is to watch someone slip on the ice, arms and legs flying, whirling around through the air like an airplane about to take off? Now picture that someone performing the same act with a 50 pound dog at the end of the leash they have wrapped around their wrist. Yep, you are picturing me!!!  It's funny only because, so far, I have been lucky enough to recover, my feet finding the reliable dry concrete surface each time before my butt!  I am sure it is only a matter of time before I find myself flat on my ass being drug down the sidewalk by Scout! Tomorrow, I just might wear a helmet and some of Marty's hockey pads before taking Scout on her walk!

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