Thursday, March 26, 2009


I know, take a very PMSing woman, throw a snowstorm at her, add in sub zero temperatures, a crapping dog and see just how grouchy she can get!  
Yesterday, I had a very long day at work.  I had to stay after school was over for a meeting and after the meeting was a Baklava Cooking class taught by a Greek lady as a fundraiser for our school.  I left the building at 10pm only to come home to a puppy who had been locked up almost that whole time!  Marty had been home for about an hour in the evening to feed her and take her for a quick walk, but he had to lock her back up as he had a dinner meeting with some Big Wigs from Toronto.  Marty arrived home shortly after me and we visited in the kitchen for a while so that Scout could play, but really, we were both dead tired and wanted to go to bed.  Eventually, we headed up the stairs dragging a reluctant Scout with us.  I don't blame her, but she was NOT ready for bed at all!!!  She spent most of the night biting our feet, licking our faces and pacing around the room.  Finally, around 4am, Marty had had enough!  He locked her out of the bedroom.  He closed the hall bathroom door, to keep her out of the Q-tips in my bathroom and closed our bedroom door, to keep her out of our faces.  I, sleepily mentioned that he might just want to lock her in the ensuite bathroom, but he was already back in bed and didn't want to get up again.  THis was a decision we both regretted in the morning.  
My alarm went off at 6am, telling me it was time to walk Scout.  I got up, opened the bedroom door and almost fainted!  The stench, coming from the hallway was unbearalbe and had the unmistakable smell poop, lots of it!  Instantly I was pissed off, apparently not as pissed off as Scout had been when she left us this little rebellious gift!  I cussed all the way down the stairs to the closet where I grabbed the carpet spray, the paper towels and a garbage bag.  Marty was up now, investigating for himself and Scout? Scout was cowering under the bed...good place for her!  Here it was 6:02am and Marty and I were naked, in the hallway scrubbing poop, not nice doggie turds, but sloppy, mushy poop off the carpet!   This was past the point of grouchiness, now, it was just plain comical....I light a few scented candles, put on my long johns and begrudgingly took the dog for our morning walk, but not before wondering out loud: So, who taught who a lesson here lastnight?  I certainly feel like Scout "schooled" us!

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Seeker said...

Now I remember why I don't have a dog.