Monday, March 16, 2009


Peter is an older gentleman, I met at the dog park recently.  He walks his two dogs, Laila a boxer and Simon, a cockerspaniel, every day for at least an hour.  He limps along leaning on his cane, over the open fields of the dog park that have now become an icy, muddy mess.  He has a bright smile and the cutest dogs that he obviously loves very much.  His happy demeanor is what drew Scout and I over to him.  Scout seems to be intimidated by Laila and refuses to engage in play with her, though Laila desperately tries to entice her.  Simon is old, slow and independent and has no interest in playing with neither Scout nor Laila.  Peter is very friendly and though our dogs did not seem to be interested in entertaining eachother, he and I walked along visiting for quite a long while.  Peter shared with me a sad story, sad because it was true.  He told me that last Tuesday, when it was -40 degrees celcius outside,  he took his dogs to the park.  Only one other person was there with his dogs.  The two men stood just past the parking lot and watched their dogs chase eachother in the bitter, bitter cold. While they were standing there, a vehicle pulled into the parking lot, drove up to the garbage dumpsters, threw a duffel bag out of his truck, missing the dumpsters and sped off.  The 2 dog owners thought the gesture was awfully rude, but thought nothing else of this discarded duffel bag, until their dogs went over to investigate.  It was then, in the 40 below weather that they noticed the duffle bag was wiggling...there was something in it!  They hurried to unzip it and to their horror and surprise, a small dog jumped out of the bag.  Unfortunately the little dog was sooo frightened that he took off running fast as he could through the park.  He just kept running and running. I can't imagine how they felt, standing there in the freezing cold, watching an abandoned dog take off, knowing that they were not able to save him!!!  Who could be so cruel as to dump a dog in a duffel bag in sub zero temperatures?  Who could anyone do such a thing???

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