Sunday, March 22, 2009


Scout after a long training session!

I have a personal trainer.  I did not hire her, nor was I looking to hire her.  One day, she simply decided to offer me her services, wait, "offer" is the wrong word.  "Force," yes, somehow that seems to be more fitting, one day, she decided to "force" her services on me.  Her name is Scout, and as a fitness coach, she is demanding.  She is the kind of trainer who gets her clients up at 6am, not caring one bit about how late they may have gone to bed the night before, not worrying about how dark it may still be at that hour and not considering the weather gifts, good or bad, that may have arrived overnight.  She refuses to let her clients change or cancel any early morning workouts. She will stand at the side of the bed, breathing her horrific morning breath at the back of their heads until they can't ignore her anymore!  We brought Scout, into our home because we wanted a puppy and that is what we got.  Lucky for us though, not only did we end up with a great companion, but as a bonus, we got a relentless Personal Trainer!!!  We had a cold, cold winter here in Alberta, but I walked at least 5km almost every single day, despite the sub zero temperatures and freezing winds. There are days when I would never have gone outside, if it hadn't been for Scout.  She would sit at the door, while I went through the process of bundling up in snow pants, boots, neck warmer, tuque, mitts, hoodie and winter jacket.  Before we could leave the house, I'd stuff my pockets full of plastic bags, Scout is the kind of personal trainer who isn't afraid to "eliminate" on the job.  We'd trapse through snow drifts when the sidewalks weren't cleaned, scoot across ice, when we mistook it for water and wade in mud when we were lucky enough to find some.  I'd often be un motivated to get out into the elements, especially on those super cold days, but it's funny how, after 15 minutes or so, I'd actually warm up, there were times I'd even find myself sweating!  Like most workouts, the hardest part is actually getting out the door.  And like most workouts, I always feel great after our walks!  Last week, I decided that I wanted to try to get up at 6am and walk before work, leaving the afternoon time slot for trips to the dog park.  The first morning, I set my alarm, but when it went off I changed my mind, thinking, "this is ridiculous" I will walk after work. But...Scout had heard the alarm and my promise the night before, to get up and walk before work, so she was up and ready before I could even hit snooze!  I tried to ignore her, but she kept breathing on me and wondering around the room, grabbing at my feet.  I could almost hear her saying, "come on, you promised, come on, come on!!"  There was no way I'd be able to get back to sleep, so I just got up, grumbling and cursing at Scout all the way down the stairs and out the door.  53 minutes and 5km later, when I walked back into the house, I felt great, refrshed, exhilerated and ready to face the day!  That feeling, the feeling of being done, is what kept me getting up early all week!  Thanks, Scout!

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