Monday, March 9, 2009

I am wearing my favorite new tuque in this picture. My sister made me this tuque, MADE it for me! Aimee has many gifts, one of them is that she can crochet and knit. I remember a long time ago when all three of us sisters sat down with some crochet needles and a mom with the patience of a saint. We each had a ball of yarn (one we'd picked out ourselves) and we watched in awe as mom made loops and hooked them together to create the start of a scarf! It seemed magical at the time and I couldnt' wait to make a scarf, a whole scarf all by myself! Mom sat there between the three of us tying knots, taking apart mistakes and celebrating when we got it! Aimee got really good at it, she made a scarf and then a blanket and then tuques, heck she may have even created an afgan or two!! Nic made a couple of scarves too and then, later in life, took up knitting. Me? Well, here's the thing about crocheting and knitting, you have to sit still to do them. And while mom was able to sit for hours helping her daughters learn the fine art of "sewing", I was not. I did not get one ounce of that patience mom has, not one ounce! I don't think I ever finished that scarf, the closest I ever got to finishing a project like that were "friendship bracelets." Remember those? You safety pinned a bunch of threads to a surface, like your leg or a cushion and you weaved all of the threads together until you had a chain long enough to tie up around your wrist. I was actually pretty good at making those bracelets. But that's as far as my talents go. Nic can sew anything if you put a sewing machine in front of her and I am pretty sure Aim can too. I don't even have the patience to thread a needle! So sewing and making things with my hands are not my strengths, that's ok. I love the tuque Aim made for me and maybe my strength here is just lookin' good wearing it...yep, that must be it!

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MaryM said...

Hey, maybe you don't crochet! But you sure can WRITE!
...and we love it!