Monday, February 2, 2009


Way back, around new years, I wrote about "status quo," and how happy I was with everthing the way it was.  Today, I am writing to say, "status quo has changed!!!"  Marty and I are now engaged to be married!!!!  

We spent the weekend snowboarding in Whistler, BC, a Christmas gift to me from Marty.  I had never been to Whistler so this was a real treat, plus we got to fly there and I got to take a day off to make it an extended weekend holiday.  We stayed in the village of Whistler, the Gondola to the top of the mountain was only a 5 minute walk from our hotel.  We hot tubbed, apres-skiied, ate nachos, drank beer (and girlie coolers), snowboarded, hung by the fire and slept in!  Oh and on the very last run of the weekend, Marty sat in the snowbank, board still attached to his feet and proposed marriage to me!  I lifted up my pink goggles, stared through the falling snow into his big, beautiful blue eyes and smiled the biggest smile!  He pulled a ring box from the inside pocket of his ski jacket, opened it,took the most incredible ring out and put it on my frozen finger, it fit perfectly!  We sat there in the snow holding eachother, trying to kiss despite our big coats and goggles, laughing and celebrating!  It was a perfect moment!  Here's to the adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MaryM said...

Wooooo Hoooooo!!!!!!!!!
What a moment! What a guy!
Love You,
Mary Margaret

Country Girl said...

Congrats sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jeanne!

I caught you blog from Nicole's. . I see entertaining writers runs in the family. Hope all is well.

Tim Bowman