Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Scout with her new favorite toy, the turtle. There are squeaky eggs to hide inside the turtle. She will keep busy for at least 5 minutes trying to retrieve the eggs from the pocket that is the turtle's tummy. Thanks Andrea for the gift! :)

This is a picture of Scout after our walk. I never seem to remember to take the camera with me on our walks!

I took Scout down to the dog park this afternoon because I got home from work while it was still daylight. Our "onleash" walking continues to be a very frustrating "work in progress," however Scout has mastered "off leash!" Running full speed and wrestling are 2 things she does very well. Scout recently learned that her world is a lot bigger than me and Marty. The dog park is way more exciting for her now that she isn't scared to leave my side! I absolutely LOVE taking her down there. We can walk there from our house and whenever I can get home in the daylight we do so. The walk to the park is about 10 minutes. 10 minutes of frustrating onleash walking! 10 minutes of chasing blowing litter, jumping on innocent pedestrians, lunging at bikers and pooping. Always pooping at the beginning of the walk, just far enough from the house that we can't go back and far enough from the park that I have to dry heave for what feels like hours before ridding myself of the doggie "elimination." My favorite part of the walk is when I get to ask Scout to sit and I get to let her off the leash! I give her the release command and off she goes! Scout used to be scared to go too far from my side, but it didn't take her long to get brave and forget she was with me! Puppy class has taught me the value of treats, so I never leave the house without a pocket full. Everytime Scout randomly comes back to check on me, I treat her. The idea is that she will associate coming back to me with getting treats and in theory, this practice should lead to her actually coming every time I call!
I am not gonna lie, we have had some very frustrating/embarrasing times at the park. Infact almost all of our encounters in the last month have involved me running after Scout as she chases after random new friends that are obviously more fun than me. I have spent time apologizing to small dog owners after Scout has crushed their "babies" with her giant paws, and begging people to call their dogs to "come" so that mine will come too and I can snag her collar. I usually leave the park with Scout on leash and a big fake smile plastered on my face, four letter words swirling around in my head! But today, today was a GREAT day at the park! I let Scout off leash and she came back to me several times, she even willingly changed directions when I did, leaving behind new four-legged friends! Today we left the park onleash, a sincere smile plastered on my face!


MaryM said...

CUTE pictures!
A regular dose of your blog always puts me in a good humor! Thanks for your upfront style and insight into your adventures into everyday life. Somehow I usually feel like I've been there too!
Love you!

Country Girl said...

Yeah Scout! Yea Jeanne!