Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My fiance, (I love how that sounds,) and I took Scout to her puppy class tonight. I enjoy the class soooo much better when Marty is there to hold on to Scout. There were only 5 puppies at class tonight, apparently there are some truants among us.... Of the 5 puppies in the class, Scout was by far the biggest and the most excited! Though we had our choice of chairs in the room, Scout took to her favorite position: the very end of the leash. At the end of Marty's unrelenting grip the collar pulled just tight enough to cause hacking sounds and gagging motions, awesome! 3 minutes in and Scout was drawing attention to her little gong show. Thankfully, we started class with some supervised play time. This is Scout's favorite part of class and she needs zero encouragement to "go play!" As soon as we unclip the leash,she is off on a tear, racing across the room at top speed! The two tiny puppies, Marmalade and Tulip (how can that not be wimps with names like that??) hide between their owners legs. Jemma and Caos scramble to hide underneath chairs and Scout? Oh, Scout body slams into all human knees, hoping to uncover potential hiding playmates! Scout mows over all plastic chairs taking away inanimate refugee camps. Scout dives into the community water bowl and Scout jumps up and attempts to French Kiss every spectating 2 legged adult in the room! As my exuberant puppy basically terrorizes the class, pride does not exactly swell in my chest.....but I love her energy and her free spirit, if only I could bottle it and keep some for myself!!

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