Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I went through the "self-check out" at Superstore tonight.  As someone who has never worked in a grocery store, or in any kind of store, I kind of think it is fun to play cashier.  I think it's fun to scan items, though sometimes, I find finding the scan code a challenge.  Just today I figured out there are two "scanners." The obvious one on the bottom that you physically put the items on and, did you know there's one perpendicular to that?  Yep, you can just hold the item in the air with the scan code facing this other scanner and it will scan!  Who knew? 
I also realized tonight, that I talk, outloud to the computer voice.  When the voice says "place the item in the bag" I am right there saying, outloud, "I did put the item in the bag." The machine often repeats itself to my frustration and my outloud voice gets louder, "place the item in the bag" "THE ITEM IS IN THE BAG!  ITS IN THE BAG!"  Sometimes the voice tells me to remove something from the bag and I tell it "there is nothing in the bag.  I DIDN'T PUT ANYTHING IN THE BAG!!!!" Sometimes it wants me to punch in the PLU code. "I don't know the plu code.  There is no code. I can't find the code!" "Please wait for assistance," the machine will say to which I respond "GIMME A BREAK!!!"  The whole transaction ends with the machine telling me "thank you and please take your receipt" to which I always say "where's my receipt?  Why isn't the receipt coming out?  Where's my...oh, there it is!"  
How about you?  Do you talk outloud to the self check out machines?  Are your conversations pleasant?


Seeker said...

I could have written this. Geez...

Country Girl said...

I refuse to use them. LOL!