Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It snowed all day today.  The wind blew all day today. The temperature dropped all day today.  Yuck!  Traffic was a disaster, everyone was grouchy and there was no doubt that Winter was back!  Just when we thought Spring might be sneaking in early, Winter, the big bully, came back!  The only one who seemed to be happy about the newly fallen snow was...Scout!  While the rest of us came up with excuse after excuse NOT to go outside, Scout, drove us nuts, begging at the door to be let out.  Rather than tip toe through the snow, she bounded through it!  She dunked her face in it! She actually frolicked in it!  I begrudgingly took her for a walk after school today.  And there, at the opposite end of the leash from pure happiness, I was robbed of my gloomy attitude! It is impossible not to laugh and smile at the free spirit reminding me, of how fun snow is supposed to be!  
Aimee had sent us one of Jasper's jackets, a hand-me-down, if you will and I took this cold weather as an excuse to have Scout try it out!  She hated it, but damn, it was adorable, don't you agree?

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