Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Scout being super gentle 

Just got home from our second last class of puppy school and as I write this, I have this silly, silly grin on my face.  I, for almost the first time since puppy school began, am happy of Scout's performance in class.  The funny thing, is that Scout didn't actually perform any better than usual, but the other puppies?  The other puppies got worse!!!  Yipeeee!  Now little Marmalade who before, could do no wrong, has gotten brave.  I tried to hide my grin as I watched her owner become frustrated as she chased  her once perfect little puppy around the classroom.  I watched with embarrasement for his "handler," as Caos peed while laying down, not once, but twice!  I watched her horrified owner wince as  Jemma growled evil, almost mean  See, she can be attentive..
if you have just the right treats!  :)
growls at the littler puppies. (Tulip and the mini dash hounds were no shows.) And I watched with an unphased expression as Scout pulled all her usual stunts (pulling at the end of the leash, pouncing playfully on the other dogs, attmepting to "french kiss" every human in the room and showing little interest in me.)  Suddenly these things seemed minor, so "passee" if you will.  The other pup's behaviors were new and right or wrong, those behaviors made my Scout look, well, pretty damn NORMAL!!!!!!!!  
I have decided to post a few pictures of puppy class, enjoy!

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