Tuesday, August 3, 2010


For the long weekend, we planned to go camping with Nic and Troy Farn in Kananaskis Country...our back yard! Marty and I only live a couple of hours from this amazing mountain paradise so I, having the most free time of all of us, was nominated to drive out Thursday morning to stake out a camp site. We all agreed we'd have to pay for Thursday night, though none of us could actually stay in Kananaskis until Friday. Paying for that extra night, simply guarenteed us a spot in the best campground, "Interlakes Campground."

I left my house early in the morning and arrived at 10:30 to be met with "Campground Full" signs everywhere, including at Interlakes!! I took a chance and drove my truck through the one way loop, 3 times, carefully noting who looked like they might be leaving. I saw a few people packing up and planned to register for their site, leave my lawnchair set up near the fire pit, leave and come back with Marty, Nic and Troy, Friday night! Ha!! The campground manager, would NOT allow it! Well, he wouldnt' allow a lawn chair to "save a spot." He insisted that I needed to put up a tent, or leave some kind of sleeping unit on the site in order to properly save a spot! Damn!!! He informed me that I could drive back 3km to the nearest "trading post" and buy a small tent that I could set up....desperate, that is what I did!! The tent was tiny and I was able to set it up quickly all by myself, using a large rock as a hammer to pound in the tent pegs. I left the campground, having spent 60 bucks on gas, 54 dollars on a tent I was never gonna sleep in and 23 dollars for a campsite I wasn't staying at!!! It was worth it though, when we all rolled in Friday afternoon, no stress, knowing we had a campsite waiting for us!! :)

Marty and I

So excited to camp with the Farns!

Nic and Farn

Marty and Farn

Creating Tarp City, a must for Canadian camping...guarenteed, it will rain, be prepared!!

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