Thursday, August 12, 2010


Marty has become permanently attached to his measuring tape. This morning, in his dress clothes, I watched him whip out the measuring tape to measure a wall in the basement. He can't even function anymore without that measuring tape! The other night it took him hours to hang a couple of shelves (I am not complaining, I couldn't have hung them at all,) but it took him sooo long because he spent sooo much time measuring the space and spacing and length and height and depth before he could get to the "meat" of the project. I was waiting upstairs for him to call when he needed help. Just before he went down the stairs, he told me he'd be a while, he had some measuring to do! I finally went down to check on him, seemed he'd been down there a lONG time and he only had two shelves to hang. There he was contently measuring up a storm! Maybe I dont' get it because I am not a perfectionist, not at all, not in anything I do. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate Marty's patience and his dedication to making sure things are hung straight and that they fit perfectly in all spaces, but every once in a while wouldn't it be fun to just "eyeball" something? To just get it home and see if it fits?? Come on, I like a little mystery!

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