Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Ate at Fatburger today for the first time. What would possess any health conscious human being to eat at a place called, Fatburger??? Her husband's insistance that's what!
In we went to "Americas last burger stand" for good old fashioned Fatburgers! We ordered, the cashier hollered out our order, the line cooks hollered it back, she gave us a number, cups for our free refill fountain drinks and sent us to find a table. Marty dropped our change into a tub labled "fat tip" the girl having heard the change rattle when it hit the bottom hollered out, "Fat Tip!" Once again everyone repeated. It was actually kind of fun, all this "fat energy!"
Our milkshake showed up first. It was a chocolate one with whip on top! What? I have never had a milkshake with whip, had I known, I would have requested "no whip" but there I was with a rapidly melting milk shake topped with foamy white whip! Not one to waste food, I chugged it down. Gotta admit, it was deliscious! Our burgers and fries showed up in plastic baskets next. We enjoyed the beef patties while condiments dripped down our fingers. The burgers really were fat. Fat, juicy, homemade and sooo worth every "fat cell" that was gonna end up on my least that is how I felt as I sucked down every last bite, the taste leaving a fat smile on my face!
Later, though, later, things were not quite so "fat tastic" anymore. I suddenly had a big fat tummy ache and big fat gas and big fat discomfort! Marty must have too, judging from the smell infiltrating the van as we drove through the city. By the time we got home, the big fat pain in my gut was urgent!!!
I feel better now, now that I emptied that big fat burger into my toilet! Big Fat Double flusher! (Was that too much info?? LOL!)

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