Thursday, June 4, 2009


Lastnight, after my bike ride with the Calgary Spin Sisters, a few of us ladies were standing, sweating, in the parking lot discussing our ride. We had just completed our first "out of town" ride as a club this season. We had headed into Kananaskis Country to ride the Jumping Pound loop. This was a ride I had never done before. It was one of those rides that had just enough easy parts to make you think you were an okay rider and just enough hard parts to remind you that you actually suck! We were standing there sweating, shaking out our helmet hair, trying discretely to pick our diaper like bike shorts out of our butts, discussing our ride. In the middle of the conversation, my "sweats" turned to chills and I became uncomfortable. Mid discussion, I couldnt' take it anymore. I opened the car door retrieve to the long sleeved tee I had on the back seat. I planned to trade in the sweaty tank top for the dry shirt. We all kept giggling and sharing ride stories as I pulled the tank top over my head. It wasn't until I was standing, topless, in the middle of the group that I realized I wasn't wearing the black, Nike sports bra I thought I had put on under my tank top. The bra designed to be worn during sports activities. Nope, instead I was standing in the middle of a group of strangers, wearing a sexy, red, satin push up bra, boobs squished up as close to my chin as possible!
Honestly, push up bra, sports bra, wouldn't matter performance wise which one I was wearing, it's not like I have a lot of "fun fat" to strap down. The fact that during my bumy rooty, rocky ride, I hadn't even noticed any extra bouncing is proof of that. I was more horrified about being caught wearing inappropriate clothing than of anything else. I mean seriously, who wears a push up bra to an all girls biking club? No one, unless she's trying to impress another girl!!! Ahhhh, even as I write this I become anxious about the message I was sending. I certainly had not meant to be such an exhibitionist! Guess I should have obsessed less about the ski socks I was wearing, the ones I had accidently packed instead of my bike socks and paid more attention the putting ON the appropriate gear I actually had!!!!

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Country Girl said...

Ahahhahaha!!!! OMG! I totally thought you were going to write that you didn't have anything on - that you were natural as the day you were born. LMAO!