Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I can't help it if I continue to have stories that revolve around the bathroom. My classroom is right across the hall from the primary grades' bathroom, a very busy place. Usually students using this washroom run to it. For some reason kindergarten, grade 1,2 and 3 students are always in a hurry to get to the bathroom, but are notoriously slow at leaving it. Funny, how distracted they get while they are in there. What is comical is that it isn't even the mirror that distracts these students, like it does me. I mean, a lot of people, me included can easily spend hours distracted by the reflection in the mirror in our bathrooms. There are zits to squeeze, eyebrows to pluck, eyeliner to apply, hair to style, blemishes to cover and boogers to pick. But when you are in the primary grades, there are rarely zits to squeeze, eyebrows are something you don't notice, eyeliner is a no no, hair is styled for ya, blemishes all hang out and boogers get picked just fine without mirrors. Nah, these kids don't care about mirrors, I doubt if most of them can even see in it.
The sink, for one, is very distracting. The water comes out automatically, if you hold your hand in just the right place. I've seen girls standing there, with blobs of soap in their palms, holding their hand just so under the water, waiting forever to see how long it takes for the soap to disappear. They just stand there, mezmorized, like they are in some kind of trance. Just watching and waiting. Weird!

The hand dryer is another thing the kids seem to love, not necessarily as a hand drying tool, but more as a voice changing mechanism. Almost all of them try yelling into it to hear their voices vibrate and take on a Darth Vadar sound.

Judging from the TP I see all over the floor, unrolling toilet paper from the dispenser seems to be just as tempting to small children as it is to the puppies and kittens on toilet paper commercials.

But the most distracting and fun thing about the bathroom are the acoustics! The kids seem to love the sounds of their voices as they bounce off the walls of the washroom. I can hear them all day long from my classroom and more than once I have laughed out loud at some of the sounds that have traveled across the hall into my room. I think I have even blogged about it before, but the other day topped them all, in terms of a laugh outloud moment....first I'll preface this by saying, yes, I know it is immature to laugh at bathroom humour, but 3 or 33 something about it IS funny!
There were two boys in the bathroom, I could tell by the voices that one was in the stall and the other was standing at the hand dryer. The one on the "throne" was singing, "We are the champions" and as if on cue, the hand drying boy shouted "...of the poo!!!" Get it? We are the champions of the poo?? I know, I know, immature, but clever and funny!

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