Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hind sight is 20/20. You know what I am talkin' about. I wouldn't even have to write another word, and you would know that I, or someone I know, had done something stupid. You'd be right too, except the story I am about to tell is not about me or anyone I know personally. It's about a friend of a friend and the stupid thing she did that horrified me!

This lady went riding one day on her little grey arabian. She decided to take her dog along on the trail with her, only instead of letting her dog trot along the trail beside her, off leash, she made, what turned out to be, a stupid decision....she put her dog on a long leash, then tied the leash to the saddle horn! I know, I know, you are starting to imagine all the ways this story could turn ugly. As I write these words, "tied the leash to the saddle horn," it makes my skin crawl with anticipation of horrifying events, and I wonder how these same forethoughts could not have been running through this lady's head as she was tying the rope. That, though, is where "hindsight is 20/20" comes in...
Anyway, she tied the leash to the saddle horn. The sun came out and the lady decided to dismount from her horse in order to "safely" take off her jacket. She left the dog tied to the horn and began pulling her coat over her head. The dog, a curious type, chased a squirrel under the horse's belly, then around behind the horse's legs. About the time the dog ran out of rope, the horse felt the leash tighten around his hind legs. The horse, not expecting to find his legs pulled tight together, fought the rope, by bolting and kicking off into the bush. By the time the horse came to a stop and the lady caught up to him, there was nothing left on the end of the rope, but a limp, lifeless body. The dog died and the lady has spent the last 10 years wishing she hadn't tied the leash to the saddle horn! If only she could do it all over....hindsight being 20/20, she wouldn't make the same mistake twice!

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