Thursday, June 11, 2009


Went biking today, wore the appropriate attire from head to toe, but still had an uncomfortable experience. I just can't seem to get used to those padded bike shorts, the ones that feel like they have a diaper built into the seat of them. I appreciate the extra padding they provide, don't get me wrong, but I just can't seem to get used to them. I can't seem to figure out, how to avoid giving myself a wedgie. Wait, I'm not sure "wedgie" is exactly the right word, see this isn't the traditional kind of wedgie, the kind that results from undies or pants crawiling up your ass crack, nope. This is more of a, well, a front wedgie! Soooo uncomfortable! Maybe I get this front wedgie from the undies I am wearing under the shorts. Maybe you arn't supposed to wear undies under the shorts I dont' know! I never wear undies under my running tights or running shorts, but, I only have one pair of bike shorts and I guess I figure if I wear undies under them, (hopefully minimizing butt sweat stains on the shorts), I'll be able to wear the shorts a few times in a row before washing them. I am, however, reassessing this strategy. After the last two rides, I have retreated to the outhouse in the parking lot, to suck the crotch of my gaunch out of my "front!" The relief is instant, but the "rubbed raw" sensation, created by the friction the panties caused, lasts the rest of the night! Ouch!

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Nicole said...

Aimee should have been on this. She taught me from the get-go NOT to wear undies with the bike shorts. I specifically remember her doing the favor of telling me as she said that it was one of those things that no-one ever tells newbies... Good luck.