Sunday, October 5, 2008


So we did it! Marty and I expanded our family...we got a puppy! She is an adorable boxer cross and she is quickly becoming the center of our world! We got her yesterday afternoon, and it is incredible that it is possible to love her so much already! She makes us laugh outloud with her sloppy kisses, her bad puppy breath and her wobbly walk! She is bursting with personality already,but...we can't seem to settle on a name! Oh, we have plenty of ideas, we just can't seem to commit! It is nuts how hard it is to pick the perfect name, the one she is going to have FOREVER!!!! Actually, the whole "picking a name" thing has become all consuming and Marty and I are unable to have a conversation that doesn't begin with, "hey, how about this for a name..." We try to narrow down our huge list, but instead it keeps growing with each cute thing she does that inspires a namesake!!! I, personally am having troubles coming up with female names. I have never owned a female pet in all of my 32 years, so for me to come up with "girlie" names, somehow seems un natural. We continue to write down "maybes" and cross off "nevers" but the list does not seem to get much shorter! It seems weird to continuously refer to her as "the puppy," infact, I refuse to. I will not write about "the puppy" anymore until we have a name for her, instead, I will post some adorable pictures so at least you will have a face to go with the name, which is yet to be announced (TBA.)

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