Monday, September 29, 2008


I enjoyed the sounds of a young first grader singing while sitting in a stall in the bathroom at school today. It was comical that she was just sitting there singing, not a care in the world!
Ah, the "loo," the powder room, the can, the bathroom, the shitter, I wonder what percentage of our lives to we spend in there? Some of us spend more time in there than others, but all of us spend some time in there everyday! I, personally don't give much thought to bathrooms, except for wondering where they are when I need one really badly. I mean, I am not the kind of person who worries about using outhouses, or really minds sitting on the seats of public toilets. I can easily turn my head while using the "facilities" in a bachelor's apartment, I don't mind using bathrooms where children who have not quite figured out how to "aim" and I can pee in the bush like an experienced woodsman! I am good at just closing my eyes and "going!" Some people are not! I have been with friends, male and female, who scream when entering outhouses, who spend extra time in a stall at the mall, covering the seat in layers and layers of toilet paper and those who will suffer horrible abdominal cramps just to avoid "going" in the great outdoors! I am not that girl! Most of the time I am glad I am not compulsive about using unfamiliar facilities, however there are times when I should be more careful!
I have sat on many a seat that was not put down soaking my butt crack in toilet water, I have scrubbed my hands with urinal pucks thinking they were bars of soap in port-o-potties and I have squatted on rose bushes, ouch! I have been confused watching plastic wrapped seats whirr round and round and had accidental bidays while sitting on seats that “super flush” automatically!
I’ve spent lots of time in bathrooms, but I can’t remember the last time I sat on the pot singing…think I will try that today!

I have posted a picture I took of an outhouse on the ski hill in White Fish Montana.

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