Thursday, October 23, 2008


I always thought that living in the city automatically meant lots of new friends. It seems like that should be true. With all of the people in a city, you would think that your odds of meeting people would be pretty good. Marty and I have lived in a condo park since July '07 and we had barely seen any neighbours, let alone met any....until Scout! My sister told me that in order to meet people in your community, you need a yard or a dog. People are always out in thier yards or walking thier dogs and it is easy to strike up conversations with them. I had no idea how true her theory was, until....Scout!
I had to race home at lunch today to let Scout out as Marty was in Edmonton and unable to be home in time to give her a poddy break midday. Thanks to an after lunch prep, I was able to come home, let her out and even take her for a quick walk. Well, I thought it would be a quick walk, but we ran into several of our neighbours who were walking dogs or kids or themselves and they were all eager to chat and pet my puppy! It was a wonderful break from the stress I was feeling about having to race home and back to work in the middle of the day. People's faces lit up when Scout bounced around them and kissed thier faces. Big dogs seemed to almost grin as Scout raced in and out of our legs around them. I had older gentlemen telling me stories about how having dogs saved thier lives, I listened to older ladies tell me what a good friend my puppy was going to be and I watched children giggle as Scout blew her horrific puppy breath in thier faces! I chatted with all of the 2 legged friends we met at our lunch break today, but to tell ya the truth, it is only the names of the four legged friends that I remember! Funny eh?!

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