Monday, October 13, 2008


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!! What a fantastic LONG, holiday weekend! This was Scout's first Thanksgiving, her first long car ride and her first trip to "Grandma's house!" Ofcorse, because we are humans, we thought it would be fun to hold Scout on our lap while driving, so we could show her all of the cool sights, but she was scared and wanted to ride in her kennel. Smart puppy eh? She wanted to be safe and secure in her "den!" She rode the three and half hours to mom's house without so much as a peep. We let her out for a pee in Red Deer (half way) and we fed her yummy puppy food while we chowed down on our "Bad Ass Jack's" take out. Scout travelled like a champion! We got to "Grandma's" and mom scooped Scout up and they both melted into eachother. Mom has this "way" with dogs, they all seem to instantly be drawn to her. They follow her around and crawl in her lap as soon as they meet her.

Tucker, mom's dog, is older. He is not much of a puppy fan, but he seemed to tolerate Scout as long as she proved to be submissive, although he did growl at her and chase her under the table more than once! Scout slept soundly all through the night in her kennel beside our bed. She had no idea what an exciting weekend was in store for her!!

Mom, Scout and I got up early Saturday morning and her exploration began. She met the cats, the horses, the barn, the manure! Crazy how much puppies love to eat horse manure. I am sure that over the weekend Scout ate twice her weight in horse shit!!!

Nic came over with Duke and Scout couldn't stop following him around. Wherever Duke went, Scout followed...adorable! Scout loved being a farm dog. She spent Saturday and Sunday outside following Duke and Tucker around. She chased kitties, dug holes and rolled in the dirt! We had sooo much fun watching her, and watching eachother watch her. Puppies can't help but make everyone happy and smiley!!!

We drove home late Sunday night and Scout slept like a log all the way home! I am pretty sure she had no idea she was going home, to the city, where Marty and I try to pass the little strip of grass behind out condo off, as the "great outdoors." We will definately have trouble competing with the farm experience! It is Thanksgiving though, and rather than fret, I am thankful that I have been blessed with the cutest puppy ever and a great man to help me celebrate her!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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