Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Family Photo

Tomorrow Marty and I are getting a "family" photo taken. As a fundraiser for a program at our school, an amateur photographer is offering to take family photos for a 30$ sitting fee. She will give you the CD of photos when she is done and you are free to print off as many copies as you want! I thought this would be fun, so I signed Marty and I up for a 6pm appointment for Oct. 16th. Marty was less than thrilled, but because he is such a good sport, he agreed he'd comb his hair, slap on a smile and show up, but....we got a puppy! Now the whole event takes on a way more fun meaning. For some reason, since it has become the three of us, I consider us a family and now this is not just a photo for a Christmas Card, it is a Family photo!!! I am sooo excited!

The photo was supposed to be taken outside, in the beautiful automn scenery, however, the leaves have dissapered from the trees! There is no snow...yet and no leaves, no scenery at all! Not sure what the background to the photo will be, but you can be sure that between my chubby cheeks and Marty's gorgeous smile, there will be a wrinkly, fawn forhead and the brightest brown eyes you have ever seen!!!

I have attached a couple of photos of our little family that were taken over Thanksgiving....what should I wear for tomorrow's picture????????

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