Sunday, September 21, 2008


Oh My God, I totally busted an old man peeing in the bush today! I certainly didn't mean to, it's not like I was out scoping for people using nature to "eliminate" themselves so that I could make a citizen's arrest or anything. Lord knows, I've been guilty of relieving myself in public bushy areas too and it's true that if you are going to "go" in public, it is best to choose an area with as many trees and bushes as possible! But it is also key to make sure the area has as "few" people as possible!!! The man I saw (well, tried not to see) was NOT in a place with "few" people! He was in an off leash dog park! There were not only lots of dogs, but lots of people too!!! It was a beautiful day and the park was crawling with familes and puppies and random people without dogs who just like to walk in dog parks, like me! The park is a huge area with lots of hills, cliffs overlooking a valley and tonnes of trees, bushes and dirt trails. I love walking there because it kind of feels like I am hiking and I enjoy seeing all of the happy dogs and puppies. I was walking by myself because Marty hates walking and though I normally talk outloud to myself, today I was unusually quiet. I headed down one of my favorite dirt trails. I could see a small, fluffy white dog standing in the middle of the path. The dog looked scared of me, and began backing up at a rapid pace. I was busy watching this fat little fluffball back into bushes and trees when I caught, out fo the corner of my eye a rather large man standing very close to a tree. I could tell he was facing the tree and his hands were in a position that suggested he was holding something infront of him....oh my god, I suddenly clued in, he was peeing!!! We were both embarrassed, but it was me that apologized! Why did I apologize? Like it was my fault I had invaded his privacy! It was an awkard moment for us both, but it made me smile and realize that nomatter how old you are, when you gotta go, you gotta go!

My friend Maria was puppysitting her brother's puppy this weekend, I have posted a couple of photos of him...adorable!

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