Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I just got back from Superstore. Remember Superstore, from a couple of blogs ago? I loved it for the spicy cajun nuts in the bulk department? Well today, I hate it! Superstore is stupid! It is busy and crowded and I can't find anything there! I went in to see if they had wooden clip boards, I needed them for my classroom. BIG MISTAKE!!! There were a million picked over school supplies, a bunch of kids, stressed out parents and overwhelmed clerks, but no wooden clipboards! Since I was already in the building, I decided to see if I could quickly grab a few groceries, normally a pleasant, relaxing thing for me, but those "comfort feelings" were robbed from me by the craziness that is Superstore. Too many little ladies; asian ladies, old ladies and just plain short ladies with loud toddlers were pushing huge carts through the narrow isles. They like me (self proclaimed short lady,) were searching, searching for the items on our lists. Items that didn't seem to have any logical place in this giant store! I passed the same frustrated women, confused men and running children several times. They were all doing the same thing as me, staring at the overhead signs above the isles, trying to decide if it was worth the gamble, to actually go down the isle in search of the item we wanted that never seems to be on the sign! I found the pam, the milk, the eggs, the apples and bananas I was looking for, but I left the store without the tin foil. Still have no idea where the tin foil could have been, it sure as hell was not in the isle under the sign reading "foils." Nope, ofcorse not!

I made it through the horrificly long line ups and headed home! When I got there, I unpacked my groceries, including the adorable Alphabet letters I had found in the section that was void of clipboards. I planned to make flash cards for my students with the fun, patterned letters. To my dismay the alphabet letters were missing the letter Q! Great,I'll have the only french class that sings the alphabet without the letter Q!

2 of the eggs were broken and the milk jug leaked...awesome! Next time I decide I want to go to Superstore for anything besides spicy nuts, remind me that I would probably rather stay home and stab my eyes out!!!!

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