Monday, September 15, 2008


I can't seem to shake this happy, lucky feeling. No, I havn't won the lottery or anything like that, it's just that lately the sun has been shining, I mean really shining and that makes me feel lucky! When the sun shines I love to be outside soaking it up and that is when I can really appreciate being here in Alberta. The last few sunny days have given me the desire to explore my own neighbourhood and I can't believe how lucky I am to live where I do! I have discovered the best dog park in the trees, it goes on forever and though I don't have a dog (yet,) I love walking there, it actually feels like i am hiking. We live within 35 minutes of Bragg Creek, where last Wednesday, after work, we discovered the "Telephone Loop," a mountain biking loop that had the muddiest swamps and lots of cow shit, but it was close and it was a great 2 hour workout! This past weekend, we spent 2 days in Banff, a short 1 hour drive from our house. We biked, we hiked and we took in the amazing mountain air that comes free with sitting on patios in the sunshine! Today I rode my horse down a long trail, with a never ending mountain view! I just can't wipe the smile from my face. I feel lucky to have been raised by outdoor loving parents who showed me that great adventures lurk around every bend. I feel lucky to be physically and mentally able to enjoy the adventures the outdoors offers, especially this fall! Here's hoping the sun continues to shine and that as the leaves turn, we can be outside enjoying every bit of it!
I have posted some pictures of Marty and I enjoying some adventures in the Canadian Rockies!

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