Tuesday, September 9, 2008


You know those things that make you instantly smile? Those silly simple things that bring a smile to your face without you being conscious of it? Not the big things, like a winning lottery ticket or squirming your way successfully out of a speeding ticket. Not big accomplishments like winning, or even finishing a race, but the little things.....I have been thinking about them lately. Like today I picked up a pencil at my desk and it was sharp! Silly and simple as that sounds, it made me smile. I get an instant smile from a really sharp pencil. I also got an instant smile when I discovered that in this house, here in Calgary, I can sit on the edge of my tub, and reach to hang my feet over the toilett to trim my toenails. In fact, everytime I do it, I smile. Weird how little things like that just make me happy. I tried thinking of a few other things, but since it is soo subconcsious (I don't know how to spell that,) it is hard to think of very many. Here are a couple to add to my list of sharp pencils and toenails in toilett:

Surprise coffee brought to me by anyone
Hitting several green lights in a row (I may be known to say outloud to myself, "this is the sign of a great day" when I hit the lights on my commute just right.)
Going to empty the dishwasher and finding it has already been done....WAIT that might be a big thing, see it is hard to really pinpoint those LITTLE things...you try, come on, make a list of your own, it is fun!

On the other hand, it isn't so hard to think of things that make us instantly grompy. These are also little things. Simple, innocent little things that bring a frown to our faces without any real reasonable explanation why. Here are a couple that make me instantly grumpy:

Traffic going too slow, too much traffic, etc....
Someone parked in what I consider to be MY spot, even if it isn't officially, or legally my spot, it still pisses me off when someone is parked where I "banked" on parking.
Waiting...for anything!!!

Today Marty was parked in the driveway, which meant that I couldn't get into the garage with my car...I would have to park on the street! Before I even processed the thought that it was raining and I was wearing a skirt and heels and had a huge bag to carry, I was instantly grouchy. Not because I'd have to walk the whole 5 feet to my garage, but because I couldn't park where I had banked on parking! Just after I dropped a few four letter words outloud to myself, I realized HOW STUPID!!!!! Maybe Marty had stuff to carry in, maybe Marty was wearing a nice outfit and heels, maybe Marty didnt' want to walk in the rain! Anyway, between the fantastic sharp pencil and the frustrating parking situation I was on an emotional roller coaster (could Aunt Flow be coming???)

Tomorrow I am going to really focus on those little, happy things....make a list of your own, let's meet for a coffee (you can treat if you want to see my instant smile, hee hee) and we'll share lists!

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