Thursday, August 21, 2008


I can't believe it! I just got home after being rejected from the Thrift Store!
Let me start at the beginning. I woke up to rain this morning and decided it would be a perfect day to clean out my closet. My closet is very small and deep, one of those closets where you can't see anything you put in the back. The drawers are shallow and there are only a couple of those, and I, have too many clothes. I have my "work out clothes," various stretchy pants, shorts and tops, sports bras and sweatshirts. I have my riding clothes, wrangler jeans, old faded gap jeans, that want to be wranglers, button down cowboy shirts, long and short sleeved T-shirts,not fit for wearing anywhere but to the barn and hoodies. I have my work clothes, dress pants, blouses and sweaters, and I have my "everyday clothes," both for summer and winter. I definately do not have enough space, I also do not need all those clothes. Today, I decided to pat with anything I had not worn since moving to Calgary. I had to come to terms with the fact, that I was never going to fit into some of the jeans I had been saving for "when I lose a few pounds," I was never going to ever wear "belly bearing" t-shirts again and the shorts, I had been saving for the day when I was no longer self concsious about my large calves, were just not going to ever have the tags cut off while I owned them. My mountain of clothes to give away was up to my waist! Putting those into garbage bags to load into my car was the easy part, figuring out how to get all the clothes I was still keeping, back into my closet was going to be the hard part.

I remember last fall helping Nic clean out her closet. It was hilarious, we laughed and laughed, she still had clothes from when she was 8 I am sure, and she is 29 now!!!! It's funny how so many T-shirts and sweaters and even pyjamas hold so many memories! There were the T-shirts she had from "The Body Shop," you know the ones with inspirational, environmental messages on them, from the stage in our lives where we all wanted to make a "statement." She had tiny T-shirts from the days when she had the flattest stomach in high school (I am pretty sure she still does), there were T-shirts from horse events, camps and University. There was even the "cloud skirt." This was a skirt she had made a long time ago out of old pairs of jeans. It was a long skirt and each "tier" was a different wash of denim. It was a fun project, not sure if anyone ever wore the skirt, but the point is she still had it!! Each clothing item had a story associated with it and it was hard to let some of them go, but we aknowldged the memory, laughed out butts off and then I made her GET RID OF IT!!! Nic hates getting rid of stuff.
We had to clean out her old bedroom when she left mom's and we found a stash of small bags she had kept from souvenir stores. That's right, BAGS, nothing in them just flattened bags!!!! Anyway, I am sure if you ever want a trip down memory lane, you could probably go through your own closet, mine on the other hand, just doesn't hold the same treasures as Nic's does because I had a house fire a few years back and all of the embarrassing old clothes I had been hanging on to, burnt! So this waist high pile, was of recent clothing, no real memories attached to the pieces, but some of them embarrasing enough anyways....why do those "final sale" clothes always look better when you try them on at the store???
I had seen a Thrift store across from the tire shop when I was getting my tire fixed, after our 4-wheeling weekend and I thought I would take my clothes there. It was a non-profit store that donated it's money to education, perfect, I thought as I pulled up. I walked into the tiny, tiny store and found a lady shelving some second hand leather pumps. I explained to her that I had just cleaned out my closet and that I had two bags of decent clothing in my car, would she be interested? She looked me up and down, furrowed her brow and simply said, "no." That was it, no explanation, about how maybe they don't take clothes from nice looking young ladies, or how they only accept donations on Tuesdays, or anything logical at all, just no! I found myself feeling offended and I know I uttered a snotty "okay" as I walked out. I couldn't help my tone, I had just been rejected by a non-profit thrift store!!!!
Nic said I should post a picture even if I don't have one that relates to the story, so here is one of me on a hike we did this summer, wouldn't you take a bag of free clothes from me???

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