Sunday, August 10, 2008

The high voice

You know that voice, the one you can't help but use when you see a baby or a cute puppy? You know the one I mean, the high, shreeky one, the one that equals the pitch of nails scraping down a black board? We all have a version of that voice, one we'll pull out when we are super excited, surprised or talking to an infant or pet. I have learned this weekend, during my visit to Colorado, that the high voice has a consequence.
Marty and I have been visiting my sister, Aimee, her boyfriend Shane, and their adorable dog, Jasper in Golden, Colorado since Thursday. We have had a fantastic time biking, hiking, making and eating chille, drinking wine and visiting. It was here on their deck, at the back of their house on Zang street, where I learned about the effects of the high voice. Marty and I followed Aimee through her kitchen for the first time when we landed eyes on Jasper for the first time! He could see us from the backyard, through the patio doors and he looked excited! He was jumping up and down in one spot, dying for us to open the doors and show him some love! I had been waiting a long time to meet Jasper so as soon as Aimee opened the doors I ran outside calling out to Jasper in the high voice...which caused him to immediately start peeing! I was so happy to be meeting him that I didn't even noctice! Before long, Marty joined in, there we were, both of us cooing in the high voice to Jasper while he ran in circles peeing everywhere! Marty,Jasper and I finally calmed down and Aimee explained that the "high voice" was to blame for the peeing! "There is something about the "high voice" and the excitment it represents that makes Jasper loose complete control of his bladdar!" I thought this was pretty funny and I would purposely use the high voice whenever I spoke to Jasper, just to watch the waterworks and the people standing close by jump out of the way of the little sprinkler!
Jasper was a lot of fun all weekend, and not just because he has his own automatic water gun, but because he is sooo cute, he has one ear that doesnt' quite stand up on it's own, sooo active, he goes everywhere with Aim and Shane and because he is so well behaved, he sits, stays and fetches like a pro! We spent many hours laughing and playing with Jasper! Monday, we head home and I will miss him....and his owners!

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