Monday, August 25, 2008


One of my most favorite things to do is grocery shop, I know, I know, it is kind of weird, but I truly love it! I find a weid peace in the busy isles of the supermarket. I love the baskets of apples, the tubs of potatoes and the misting water on the lettuce. My favorite isle is the cereal isle, I love the colorful boxes and the fun, happy "sugar high" each one represents. The smell of the bakery section is soothing and the bulk section is impossible to resist! Have you ever tried the "cajun mixed rice rackers" from the SuperStore bulk section? I highly reccomend it, for us, this spicy mix has become a staple for road trips and snowboard vacations!!!

Yep, I love discovering new treasures at the grocery store. In fact, anytime I have more than 20 minutes to kill, I go grocery shopping, just to "pick up a couple of things," but before you know it, I have spent over one hunded dollars and an hour or two! Grocery shopping has actually become a bit of an addiction for me! There, I've said it, "I have a problem, I am addicted to gocery shopping!" Ok, I actually came to terms with this "problem" of mine a couple of months ago when I racked up a $700 dollar grocery bill in one month...for just the two of us!!! This freaked me out, I certainly had not realized I was spending that much! Since then I have had to become a very disciplined shopper...well I've tried to become a disciplined shopper, but it has been harder than I thought. Today I decided to plan our meals for the week and create a list based on what we plan to eat! Ugg, I hate lists like this, makes me feel very inflexible! I mean, what if Marty wants to take me out for supper Wednesday, as a treat to make me feel better for having to go back to school? What happens to the stuff I bought ff my list for the Mexican Steak Stir Fry, I have planned for that night? What if the ladies from work want to go for sushi Thursday to celebrate making it through 2 days of work so far? Will Marty make use of the stuff I specifically bought for the Giant Oven Burger dinner I had planned to make? And what about Tuesday, what if I decide I need to go for martinis and and nachos to help me prepre for having to go back to school Wednesday? What will happen to the chicken breasts when no one makes the Spicy Mexican Chicken that was planned? See, how this meal plan can be resticting??? Makes me uncomfortable...makes me uncomfortable to plan all the food I need to buy for our camping trip this weekend, when it is only MOnday!!! I am gonna try though, I am gonna try to stick to my list and to the plan. Here is what I am heading to Safeway to buy tomorrow:

Special K -almond/vanilla-(a large box, or maybe 2 if there are only small ones)

Milk (1% because that is what Marty likes)

Onions (2 because 2 of the recipes for the week call for onions)

Green peppers (2, one for a recipe and one for the side salad, I know I will want)

Lettuce (freshly misted)

1 zucchini

apples (no limit on apples, we eat lots of 'em)

bannanas (they freeze for baking so if I buy too many that is ok)

Carrots (a big bag, I like to eat them right out of the bag, dirt and all)

A round sourdough loaf (need for Giant Oven Burger recipe)

Salsa (staple)

Pinto beans (large can)

Can whole tomatoes

Bag of marshmellows (for smores for camping)

trail mix (camping)

Cajun spice mix (road trip staple)




This is the list so far, might have to add af ew things for the camping trip...

So, I will report back as to whether I was able to stick to this plan...thanks for being part of my therapy!!!!
Oh the picture is of one of the yummy camping meals we made on our BC camping trip last year, with the groceries I bought!!

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