Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I just finished packing all of the clothes I will need for 5 days in Colorado, plus 2 pairs of shoes in ONE BACKPACK!!! That's right, ONE BACKPACK!!! See my sister, the one I am going to visit, is the kind of girl who could go away for two weeks and pack everything in one backpack easily. She'd pack one pair of jeans, a couple of tank tops, a hoodie, a pair of shorts and a couple pairs of undies, some socks, a hair brush and maybe some mascara and be set. Not me! I can't help but think of all the plethora of activities we MIGHT do and the kinds of weather we MIGHT have and then pack a couple of options for each scenario. For example, I know that we will be going for a bike ride so I packed my running shoes, a pair of spandex shorts, a sports bra and some socks...but then, I threw in some Lulu Lemon capri pants incase I am feeling too self conscious for spandex shorts, or incase it is rainy and I packed a tank top incase I am feeling bloated and a long sleeved shirt in case it is chilly. See how things add up? Suddenly a simple outfit has doubled in size. I also know we are going to be attending a chili cook off. For this event I packed my camo capri pants, a black tank top and my cute puma sneakers....but I also packed some jeans, in case it cools off a night, a pink tank top, in case i am in the mood for something more colorful and a brown tube top in case it is hot and I will be getting sun, the tube top allows for "tan line free" sun exposure. My sister will have to work part of the time that we are there and I am looking forward to the "down time" so that I can just lay in the HOT Colorado sunshine. Ofcorse laying in the sun requires a bikini, and I managed to keep it at one...pair of bottoms, and two tops....Anyway, while this might seem excessive, the important thing to note, is that I got all of this in ONE BACK PACK, not a suitcase or a hockey bag, but a BACK PACK!!!

I guess it is only fair to admit that because of this amazing feat, I did have to increase the size of my "carry-on bag." My carry-on tomorrow will have to hold my laptop computer, my camera, my snacks, oh and my toilettries! Well that was plan A, but Marty has informed me that carrying on make up, hair spray and lotion is a bad idea, they'll make me empty my bag for sure at Security and they might even make me throw stuff out! Oh my God, can you imagine if they made me throw out my hairspray and lotion??? I'd spend 5 days in Colorado with bad hair and dry skin, yuck! Now, the problem is that there is NO WAY I can squeeze even something as skinny as a bottle of hairspray, into that backpack, so I am faced with a dilemma. As I write this, Marty sits watching Seinfeld reruns. I am glad for his procrastination, though it is 10:55pm and we need to leave for the airport at 4:30am, as I need to figure out how I can bargain with him, so that he'll pack my toilettries in his "checked bag." Maybe if I offer to carry-on his shoes and a couple of T-shirts???

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