Thursday, April 26, 2012


You know what I love? Watching someone learn. I mean, seeing it happen right before my eyes.  As a teacher, I've been lucky enough to witness this more than a few times in my life, but it has never been as special as being there at the exact moment that my own son discovers something brand new that he can do!!! 
Tonight, he helped me bake cookies. Chocolate chip ofcorse! We used a scoop to get the flour, sugar and chocolate chips out of their containers. When we were done scooping, I set the scoop on the counter. Ryder picked it up and began trying to reach into the bag of flour with it! He had learned the process and was eager to try by himself!!! When he couldn't fit the scoop into the chocolate chip container, he reached into it with his hands, but rather than stuff the chips into his mouth, like I thought he'd do, he dropped them into the mixing bowl! Soooo exciting! (Not sure if it was more exciting to me that he dropped them into the bowl, or that he didn't eat them, he puts everything into his mouth!) He had learned what to do with the chocolate chips!! Soooo adorable!!

I still am not ready to give him a whole chocolate chip cookie (especially, not just before bed time,) but I did let him lick the spatula!  Yummmy!!!